A Year of Painting class work updates

June 14th, 2015 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in mixed media - (Comments Off on A Year of Painting class work updates)

Just a quick update on the work I’ve completed during Alena Hennessey’s A Year of Painting online class.




Charity water Rainbow Mermaid finished mixed media piece

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On Mother’s Day, my 9 year old daughter and I worked on a mixed media class together.  We did this great charity water class which supports a great cause in exchange for this great tutorial for a Rainbow Mermaid.  I’ve finished my piece and my daughter has a little more detail work to do, but she won’t let me share because she doesn’t like how the eyes came out.  We are going to make more though, she says :)  I’ve had a great time working together on this with her! She is the real artist in the family, she’s such a natural!  It’s great to see her develop new skills and apply her own interpretation of them.  I can’t wait to make more art with her.  Here is my finished piece usuing 9×12 watercolor paper, water colors, water color pencils, colored pencils, acrylics, stencils, ink pens, spray inks.

Rainbow Mermaid

Rainbow Mermaid


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Hello all!

I am still around and it’s time to pop in and say hi!  My kids are out of town on vacation with grandma right now and I’ve had a VERY artsy weekend.  I need to keep busy so I don’t miss them.  Friday night I went to the First Friday Art Walk  with my friend Nichole and her husband.  I had a lot of fun!  We discovered some little nooks and crannies of Lincoln full of art we never knew existed. That’s the point right?  An amazing old building turned into art studios above the college bars.  I felt like I was in Amsterdam or somewhere equally out of my element but yet still intrigued by the arty goodness.  Then Saturday morning I headed up to Omaha with my dad and step mom to check out the Summer Arts Festival.  Another great day!  Unfortunately, it was raining.  We managed to slop around the tents anyway. I felt really bad for the exhibitors!  I wouldn’t feel comfortable hanging my $3000 oil painting up in that humidity and rain!  Everyone was in good spirits and just went with it.  We timed it right to head into the Old Market for lunch right as the biggest shower pushed through.  We mostly just battle a few drizzles and light showers. My feet and jeans managed to get pretty soaked and cold.  I did find the booth of an Etsy seller I repeatedly buy from.  Ellembee. She has beautiful screen painted T shirts.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. These are my go to shirt!  I came home with this one and another one I don’t see listed.  It was a very hard decision.  It was nice to meet her in person and see the face behind the art!  I couldn’t believe how many talented people were there, such a great market!

This encouraged me to come home and clean up my Etsy shop! Something I’ve been “meaning to get too” for awhile now.  I repackaged my Fabric Flower hair pins as a 2 for deal therefore, making them cheaper!  I also marked down my twirl skirts inventory 50% off!  I also found some items that I have on hand and don’t even have listed!  I’ll be taking pictures of those as soon as it stops raining! In the mean time, I’ve been  keeping busy making some new yoga mat bags and they’ve been selling as soon as I list them! That’s awesome and it keeps me busy. I’ve fallen in love with batik fabric this spring. I think it’s my new thing :)  Apparently, I’m not the only one the way these have been going.  Here are a couple I’ve made.





I’ve also been experimenting with some fabric surface design of my own.  I’ve had a lot of fun mixing methods of madness and making cool designs. My plan is to sew some of that fabric into something useful. Bags, wallets, headbands… these are just a few things that have crossed my mind.  My mind just keeps going and going full of ideas and no time to actually produce!  Pictures to come soon, I swear!

I made a cool treasury on Etsy tonight, all about yoga!  Such cool items, I want them all. Have a look, the image is clickable