New projects

June 11th, 2007 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

I’m having scrapping withdrawl! I need to find some time to open photoshop and scrap!!!! ugh! Anyway, I’ve been working on a few pieces for sale. Decopage has been my medium of choice lately and I decorated these birdhouse gourds with wrapping paper and other trims. I also embellished these cute little metal mailboxes and made a set of coordinating mini cards to go with them. Haven’t decided which store they will go in… stay tuned

A new look!

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I finally got some more customizing done on my blog! I made this big banner and added a blogroll. Not much else to report today, that’s kept me busy the past few days.

Handmade Cheer

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Here is another LO from Bonnie’s newest kit, Handmade Cheer from Snap and Scrap. I also used Christine Smith’s Paint brushes, the font is Cooper Black. My kids playing with the sidewalk chalk and paint. I don’t know if there is more on them or the driveway lol! At least it washes off easily. That’s about it for today.

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I’m frantically working on a 60th birthday album for my mom. Birthday is tomorrow June 3!!! I’m very behind! Anyway here is a sneak peak of a couple LO’s. I’m using Stickits I’ve collected from hanging out at TSG! It’s really helping!

Ah hah!

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I’m remembering to post here!
First of all, I went shopping for art supplies today! Fun, fun, fun! My almost 3 y/o daughter loves to go to “sales” or garage sales more accurately. So she’s fun to take with. We went to the best sale EVER! It’s clear across town from me, actually just outside of city limits. It’s past this really ritzy neighborhood so I was wondering where I was going. The ad read “rain or shine, it’s in the cabin” Good! So here just past these gigantic houses is this little rustic cabin on about 2 acres of land. I pull in and they have the best craft stuff ever! They are selling fabric by the pound, bags of lace and ribbon, patterns for all types of crafts. My best deal was a huge box of “ready to paint” wood cutouts for $5. I actually also bought a similar box with nothing but house shaped cutouts for birdhouses, schoolhouses etc. They also had an array of antique sewing machines, so cool. For those of you who don’t know, I majored in Fashion Design in college and at one time had 5 machines, 3 of which were antique. They also had old sugar sacks for twenty five cents each! I only bought 2 because I couldn’t think what I would do with them. Duh! Who cares, their a quarter, sell them on ebay! I left with my arms loaded an only spent $23!
Next we went to Hancock fabric, they have the best clearance bins ever! I took 4 of their 6 grab bags. I got the best ribbons and trims ever! I’m headed back for the rest the bags!
The reason I’m stocking up on supplies…I’m actually going to start selling my arts and crafts! Try anyway. I’ve always dabbled on ebay and now The Scrapping Garden is starting a sister site called The Crafting Garden where I’m hopefully going to have some stuff listed soon! I’ve also been shopping lately on and hope to list some stuff there too. We’ll see how it goes.

Now for Scrapping! I’m on the CT for Bonnie VanEsch and she just released a new kit called Handmade Cheer available at Snap and Scrap. Here are just a few layouts I made with it!

For full credits see my gallery

Whew! That’s alot for my 2nd post!

Post number 1

May 26th, 2007 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (4 Comments)

My name is Amy and I create under the alias of RubyMoon. I’m starting this 2nd blog to showcase my artwork. I am an avid digiscrapper and artisan of all mediums. My other blog is about the family life, I decided I needed a blog about my interests too. Hopefully I can update it regularly.

A short bio about me… I am a SAHM or WAHM of 2 kids. Jace 1 and Rayna almost 3. I crave creativity! I lost my corporate job due to downsizing/merging when I was 5 months pregnant with Jace and I vowed never to go back to the corporate rat race. I went to college for fashion design and I want to use my degree for something somewhat meaningful.

As we speak my husband is building me a “studio.” I use that term very loosely lol! You see in my tiny house I don’t have a spare room, guest room, extra room, unused diningroom, storage room, large closet, loft, atic, guest house, boat house, pool house, garage, shed or any type of extra square footage for me to claim as my own. Maybe when I win the lottery! But for now I am claiming 1/3 of our basement family room/computer room/playroom combo that will be sectioned off for my use. Two large shelves are being built 4′ high and 2′ deep and 5.5′ long to span the back 1/3 of the room. The shelves will house the completely insane amout of toys that are currently taking over the house and they will also block off my dangerous supplies from my kids. I haven’t been taking time to create things for years now, as I always spend too much time dragging stuff out and cleaning up afterwards. Now I can leave stuff out and not have to worry about the kids eating my pastels or cutting fingers with the exacto knife.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by and I hope to have something for you to look at next post!