Handmade Christmas Gifts

December 29th, 2013 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in handmade gifts | sewing

First of all I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  My Christmas was busy, busy and very nice!  A lot of great times with family and wonderful gifts of course.  This is just one of the handmade projects from this Christmas season.  My 9 year old daughter made this Gingerbread House with grandma.  I love how this picture turned out, I think I’ll use it for my Christmas card next year :)



With all the excess involved in holidays these days it’s easy to get caught up in consumerism.  I feel strongly about making as many Christmas gifts as I can.  Not just for budget reasons, but for thoughtfulness.  I feel a gift shouldn’t be a regurgitation of a “wish list”.  I don’t like the “go buy this for me” attitude that can be a trap in the bustling around of the season.  I feel a gift should be thoughtful, not an obligation.  I’m well aware my family doesn’t agree, but I do my own thing anyway :)  So they receive handmade gifts whenever possible.  This year I made each of my kids a set of pajamas to go along with their store bought gifts.  I also had fun making a gift for my 1 year old nephew.  I made this bean bag set with his name on it and decoupaged a hat box for him to store the bags and use as a basket for tossing them.



In addition to this bean bag set and the jammies, I also made each of the ladies a scrabble tile necklace.

My daughter received a Journey Girl 18″ doll for Christmas from grandma.  I made her a couple outfits to go along with it.  I’ll try to get the dolly to model those for me and post those soon.  In the mean time, have a Happy New Year!

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  • I used to love making hand made gifts when my kids were little, and gifts of hand made jewelry for the ladies in my life…… I still make a few things for the grand kids but they are getting to the age that they prefer gift cards to get what they want, so its one hand made gift and a gift card, my eye sight is failing so much I can’t see to do intricate things I used to love to ,make…..