Radiant Faces & my first Etsy disappointment

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First of all I want to share how excited I am to take the Radiant Faces Class offered by Effy and talented artists.  It starts Oct 1 and she’s counting down with the artist lineup introductions!  My 10 year old daughter and I are going to work on this together!  I’m sure it will take us awhile to get through, but we are super excited for the experience.


Secondly, I have to share that after 7 years of selling (probably more of buying) on Etsy I have come across my first disappointment.  I think that’s a pretty good record!  I attempted to buy some shipping supplies for my shop, you know, helping fellow Etsians, my preferred way to shop.  I found some from a nice innocent looking shop that appeared to be a mom who crocheted items for kids and also sold her excess shipping supplies.  So I bought some envelopes and waited, and waited.  No shipping confirmation after a week, so I politely messaged her when I can expect shipment.  No response.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt (I mean her shop name even alluded to her innocence by using the word heavenly) I checked her announcements, policies, feedback and even looked for a blog or facebook page that might explain that she had a medical emergency or something and was behind and found nothing.   So I convo’d her again and waited for a reply.  No reply.  So I went back to her shop and low and behold, it was GONE!  Now it all becomes clear that I have been taken and I’m not the only one, Etsy has shut down her shop.  So I filed my dispute and was directed to Paypal to file a dispute and I wait again.  I was given a 10 day window for resolution and I say it was less than that, I had my money back!  Yay Paypal!  So even though I didn’t get my shipping supplies, I’m happy with the outcome! It was an easy process and it was all resolved in my favor.  I feel very secure and protected and of course I’m buying those shipping supplies on Etsy again.  I just wanted to share my not so good experience that had a happy ending.

7 projects filling my days

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So I took a little time off after the icad challenge to get caught up on things and it turned into a lot more time than I had hoped. In list fashion here are the projects I’ve been busy with.

  • I scrapbooked! I mean good old fashioned, paper scrapbooking. I had 2 school years of papers, awards and keepsakes for the kids that were in grocery sacks, baskets and piles that needed sorted, filed and scrapbooked.  That took me 3 full weekends and 3 trips to Joann’s, but I got caught up before I had 3 school years!
  • It was then time for a good studio cleaning! I once again suffered from the incredible shrinking work space.  My 4×6 table turns into a 9 square inch work surface.  Time to dig myself out!
  • I painted a gallery wall in my studio. My walls were dirty antique white and I needed a bright white wall to hang my art to photograph for Etsy.  One wall turned into two walls… and now it looks so nice I don’t want to poke nail holes so I can use it
  • RubyMoonArtGalleryWallShortening pants. Fall snuck up on us a couple weeks ago and it became apparent my kids needed new clothes.  After shopping I had 10 pairs of pants to shorten for my son.  Two more and I’m done with the pile!
  • Making custom car seat covers. My dad bought a new car and has requested seat covers.  I’ve made him many sets over the years and he’s patiently waited for this pair.
  • I added new ink blot prints to my Etsy shop! Far overdue.  I also repackaged my listing pictures to make a cleaner look in my shop.  To celebrate I’m sending out a newsletter this weekend with a coupon code for Buy 2 Get 1 free.  Don’t miss out, sign up here http://rubymoonart.com/blog/blogger-5/

RubyMoonArtInkBlot29a RubyMoonArtInkBlot30b RubyMoonArtInkBlot31a RubyMoonArtInkBlot33a

  • I’ve been working on two canvas’ for a few weeks, adding marks as the mood strikes and the time permits. Here’s one


What projects have you been working on?


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I just realized I disappeared for a month! I wrote this last month but never hit publish.  I’m going to throw caution to the wind and hit publish without re-reading and editing…


My one little word, unconventional.  Just the mere fact that it came to me in August instead of January, is unconventional.  Why do we need to start a focus in January?  Anytime of the year is acceptable. It came to me, just appeared. It’s meant to be.

I don’t talk about my personal life on the blog very often, maybe even to fault.  I’m a private person.  A boring person in my eyes.  My life is filled with routine.  Although it is comfortable, it is very limiting.  I also just recently realized that I spend 50 waking hours a week traveling to and being at a job that doesn’t satisfy me.  It doesn’t even meet all my real needs.  I compared this to the time I get to spend with my children, 17 hours a week, and something shifted.  My kids are my everything!  Sure they are in school for some of the hours I am at work, but every moment I can spend with them is precious and I’m not willing to sacrifice that time.  I’m making it a point to break free from the expected, the routine, the conventional!

Health issues have made me reassess my life (don’t worry, I’m not at risk of dying soon).  I’ve had to spend time researching health care options. My definition of health care is caring for my health. It no longer involves big corporations operating for profit. Recently “conventional” health care has let me and my son down in big ways (read, multiple doctors messed up!).  The lesson I learned is that no one cares about your health more than you do. If you don’t have the time to invest in your health, why would you expect someone else to?  I’ve researched unconventional health care options, disease preventative care, not disease reactive care.  Natural health, root cause health care, alternative health care, soul body care.  I’ve taken responsibility for my family’s health.  Protecting my family from the “business” of our disease reaction system known as conventional medicine. The “have a symptom, take a pill to mask the symptom” philosophy has destroyed my life, quite literally.  It was time for change, and no one is going to save you, you have to save yourself.

Long story short, my family and I  dramatically changed our diets.  We eat to nourish our bodies now, not for pleasure or recreation.  We don’t eat like 90% of the US.  We eat to heal.  We are off our symptom masking medications!  We use natural supplements and essential oils to help any undesirable symptoms become tolerable.  Our new found unconventional lifestyle has left us happy and healthy.  Even at times when it is hard to be unconventional, we have physical proof that we are making the right decisions to guide us.

This change over the past 8 months has left me reflecting on my life and I see how unconventional has been a reoccurring theme in my life.  I had kids later in life than “normal” my ex husband and I decided to start a business as we had young children.  (eek, how scary with no group insurance coverage, no steady paycheck, no safety net). Earlier, I studied fashion design in college against all the advice I was given.  Unfortunately, I succumbed to convention and never pursued my artistic life, I settled for conventional jobs which I’ve NEVER been happy with.  Now I’m a single mom (not as unconventional as it once was, but still frowned upon by many cultures). I’m constantly asked when I’m going to get married again?  Why is that even a question?  It will happen if it’s meant to be, it’s not every woman’s goal…is it?  As scary as divorce was, I’ve found it to be very liberating.  I’ve found myself. I’m allowed to be myself, express myself.  My unconventional self has proven to myself that I am much stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.  That is priceless. I’ve gained confidence and happiness in unimaginable measures.

When I reflect I see how unconventional a lot of my values are… the ones regarding money, politics, religion, child rearing… you know, the ones no one can talk about because someone might be offended.  Yes, I’m very well the one to be offended by other people’s judgments I’m also likely to offend someone who doesn’t understand that people can think differently and still be a wonderful human being.

I now see what a gift unconvention has been to my life.  I’m ready to add this philosophy to every aspect of my life, why fight what works.  I hope it starts to show in the art I make and in the products I’m inspired to make and the part this all plays in my life.  The fact that this word just found it’s way into my consciousness is enough to fuel my energy and run with it.  I’ve successfully attracted what I was searching for.