Three reasons I haven’t been creating and posting

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So you may have noticed I’ve dropped off on posting and likewise creating lately.  You see it FINALLY (almost) decided to turn to spring around here and I’ve had some major outdoor projects to do.  Besides being an obsessive artisan, I’m also a crazy garden lady.  I prefer Earth worshiper :).  Last year was my first spring  in my “on my own house”.  I have a blank canvas to create how I vision my property to look in my head.  Here is a slide show of the garden I left behind.  I made a raised garden bed last summer as my major project for the new “on my own house”.

  1. This year the major project is to protect the area my dog runs along the fence.  He and the neighbor dog do not wish to live next to each other.  They run along and fight against the fence.  He’s killed the grass and runs in mud, then tracks it inside on my carpet!  So I’ve decided the only option is to rock an area for him to run along and put in a sub fence to keep from fighting against the fence.  I’m clearly not independently wealthy, so this is all done on a major budget.  Which translates to DIY!  Here is the progress I made today.  The next step is 3 ton of rock, which I’m not sure how I’m going to pull that off by myself LOL.


2. Today is also 2 days past our “official” frost date.  So I’m braving it and planting the garden!  We finally have an organic garden supply store in this conservative town so I’m supporting them!  I got a tomato, pepper and some herb seeds.  I planted cucumbers a couple weeks ago when it was 90 degrees and I thought spring had left and summer took over (luckily they survived our last frost days later).  Last year my tomato plant took over the entire garden bed.  I’m trying something new this year and planting it in a galvanized bucket.  I sunk it into the ground about 4 inches and drilled holes in the bottom.  Then I pushed re-bar rods through it so it stays upright in our crazy Nebraska wind.  This leaves the garden for less monstrous plantings.


3.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  I miss having  hanging baskets around my yard and lavish flower beds.  I also miss my herb garden!  A couple weeks ago I got the idea to plant my herbs in hanging baskets!  Most of the herbs are annuals around here anyway.  I had a couple baskets from last years flowers and had some nice wire baskets (that you line with moss) from the old house.  The whole “lining with moss” is out of my budget this year.  Not only is the moss costly and hard to find. This system makes these baskets about 50 pounds!  I hated to go buy new baskets, so I got creative.  I had inherited these old, enameled cast iron, bed pans that I had planned to use in the garden, they even came with built in rusted drain holes.  Guess what? They fit right inside the wire frames!  Now they hold my herbs (seeds right now).



Surprises!  When I first moved into my “on my own house” the very, very first project I tackled was this corner.  There was an unidentifiable, overgrown, half dead monstrous shrub in the corner.  It was at least 8 feet in diameter of bare branches with hints of live leaves.  The biggest problem was it growing through the chain link fence.  I was having the 6 foot fence installed for my dogs and we had to get this shrub out of the old fence so they could take it down.  My dad and I whacked away at it for hours and carried an unreal amount of branches out to the curb.  We cut it right down to the ground, assuming it would then die.  There wasn’t much signs of life on it anyway.  When it started growing back last year I was a bit peeved.  I assumed it was your typical foundation Spirea planting and nothing too special.  I was too lazy to do anything about it and I let it grow.  I’m so glad I did! This year it’s obvious that it is a lilac bush!  It bloomed these dainty lavender blooms and smells amazing.  They’ve always been one of my favorite spring icons.  So as long as I can keep it from growing into, under and through my new fence, I’ll be glad to share my yard with it.


So this (along with kids sporting events and housework) is why I haven’t had any studio time lately.  The fresh air and manual labor has felt amazing however!  I hope to have more art to share soon.  Rayna and I still need to finish up our mother daughter mermaid project!  I also want to remind you that there are a couple items left in my “virtual garage sale” they’ve been selling really well and I’m glad I gave it a shot.  I’d hate to recycle or toss these vintage items when I know you could make cool projects out of them!



Happy Mother’s Day!

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I’m a little late on my wishes, but I hope all the mothers out there had a great day!  I spent a great weekend with my kids.  The weather messed up my yardwork plans I had for today but we found a few other things to keep us busy.  My daughter and I did some mother daughter painting!  She has always been a big fan of mermaids so when I saw this charity class I had to sign up!



We’ve had a blast working through the videos together!  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen our progress.  We need another rainy weekend to finish up the detail work.  Rayna is talking about how this is just her first one, she’ll get better with each one she makes! I love that she’s inspired to try it again and again!  She’s also asked what other kinds of classes we can do like this <3

We had a stormy evening complete with tornadoes, so I hope it calms down so we can sleep soundly tonight.  Have a great week!