Printing on fabric tutorial- Lavender Sachets

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Pin It to Win It Lavender Sachet tutorial showing how to print on fabric using an inkjet printer and regular fabric. Lavender sachets make great gifts for Mother's Day and teachers gifts

How about a tutorial!  I’ve been making and selling Lavender sachets in my Etsy Shop for quite awhile now.  Lavender sachets make great gifts and with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to share my process with you.  These sachets are great for the traditional uses, hanging in closets to keep the air fresh and dropping in your drawers to freshen your clothes.  I also like to use them in my car as air fresheners, they are nice and natural smelling compared to those over scented trees.  They also work well on headaches!  Just lay a sachet next to your head on the pillow. They make great hostess gifts, gift package tie ons, baby/wedding shower favors, wedding favors and teacher gifts!  With all the possibilities, I’m sure you’ll enjoy making your own.

For this tutorial, I am using a technique to print directly on muslin fabric using my basic ink jet printer.  I use ordinary muslin from the fabric store, no need for expensive packaged specialty fabric.  I purchased my images from a great shop on Etsy called Graphique.  They have thousands of images and a generous use policy.  You could use your own drawings or artwork that have been scanned into the computer, clip art and any other printable image. I use Photoshop Elements to re-size my images and arrange them for printing.  I do not go into details on that process as it would be it’s own tutorial.  Let’s get started on the how to print on fabric and make a lavender sachet tutorial.


1/4 yard white muslin fabric
Freezer Paper
Graphics or images
Lavender Buds
Seam binding or ribbon
Sewing machine or serger
Basic sewing supplies
Photo or image editing software (Photoshop/Elements or even MS Word will work)

  • To start, decide on the images you would like use (examples given above).
  • Open a new 8.5×11 file in your image/photo editing software (I use Photoshop Elements)
  • Divide your blank Photoshop file into 4 equal parts.
  • Re-size your images and place one image in each quarter of the 8.5×11 page.  This is how they will print on your fabric




  • Now we will prepare our fabric for printing through the inkjet printer
  • 1PrintingOnFabricTutorialTo start out, cut a piece of Freezer paper to an 8.5×11 inch size



  • Cut two pieces of regular muslin fabric to an 8.5×11 inch size.  This is normal, white muslin from a bolt at the fabric store.


  • Layer one piece of the muslin fabric on top of the freezer paper, waxy side facing the fabric.
  • Iron the pieces together using your iron on the cotton setting.  This will fuse the paper to the fabric to make it stiff and firm to feed through your inkjet printer.
  • Place the fused fabric/freezer paper in your inkjet printer as directed so you will print your images on the fabric side.


  • Go back to your Photoshop image and select print.



  • Here is what your fabric/freezer paper will look like after printing


  • Now you can peel the fabric away from the freezer paper


  • Now we’ll cut the images apart into the individual sachet pieces.


  • Next take the second piece of 8.5×11 inch muslin and cut in into pieces the same size as the image pieces you cut.


  • Cut 4 pieces of seam binding or ribbon into 12 inch strips


  • We’re going to make a little sandwich of our pieces.  With right sides together, layer your image, the seam binding folded in half, and your blank muslin as shown.
  • Pin around the sides and top, this is where you will stitch.  Leave the bottom open for stuffing with lavender buds.
  • Here is a close up of the layering



  • Stitch around the pinned edges, side, top, and side.  Be sure you caught the seam binding/ribbon in the seam as this creates your loop for hanging.


  • I’ve stitched around the three sides using my serger, you can use a regular sewing machine as well.  I prefer my serger because it sews faster :)
  • Turn your stitched sachets right side out.


  • Now we’ll fill the sachets with our lavender.  I made a primitive paper cone out of card stock to make this process easier.  I use about half a cup of lavender in each sachet



  • The final step is to close the opening at the bottom.  I use my serger and leave the edge raw.  You can also fold the edges inside and stitch with a basic sewing machine.


Here are the finished pieces!  Ready to use or give as gifts, Mother’s would love these for Mother’s Day!  You can just scrunch the lavender buds in your hands to emit a fragrant burst anytime you’d like.  Enjoy your sachet making!


Vintage Ephemera for sale on my blog

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Happy Monday! As I mentioned last week, I’ve done a spring cleaning of my studio.  This week I worked on setting up listings for all of my over stocked supplies!  If you notice on my blog here, there is another tab added for the sale of supplies.  I have listed a ton of great vintage ephemera supplies.  These are great items for altered art, collage art, ATC’s, and of course just the ephemera collector as well!  I have also listed these in my Etsy shop where you will also find more great vintage finds.  This is my little virtual garage sale, so take advantage of shopping from your home instead of running around town to estate sales.  I will combine shipping prices if you’d like multiple items, just email (link on the sidebar) me for details.

New Spring artwork and spring cleaning

April 6th, 2014 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Etsy | mixed media - (Comments Off on New Spring artwork and spring cleaning)

While I haven’t been blogging, that doesn’t mean I’m not creating!  Life got pretty busy here for awhile, but it seems to be calming, or I’m adjusting.  I recently made a couple canvases with a spring feel to them.  I wanted something with a aqua, brown and orange palette to go in my bedroom.  I had a “gasp” blank spot on my wall! :)  Here are the pieces that evolved.


I’m very happy with how this one turned out!  I’ll soon be offering prints in my Etsy shop, just need to digitize it first.  The colors turned out exactly as I needed.  Sometimes I start with colors in mind and something totally else evolves.  I’m not sure I could ever do commissions for that reason.



This piece still seems to be a work progress.  It feels like it’s missing something but I can’t read where it needs to go from here.  I’ll just let it sit while I look at it and soon it will all fall into place.

Today, I spontaneously decided to clean my studio… and by clean I mean business!  I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I just feel overwhelmed and have for 2 years now.  I finally feel it’s time to let some things go. My style has evolved and my supplies have evolved as well.  I’m limited on space and it’s just time to move on and part with the things I’m done with.  I’ve stopped thinking “but someday I might want to try that again…” and just let it go.  I realize I probably won’t ever want this or that again and it’s just causing clutter.  But I do have some nice supplies that I can’t just toss out!  I’ve decided to list some of them in my Etsy shop as destashing supplies, at garage sale prices!  It would be so much easier if I could just set it all out on my driveway and let all you artsy friends shop away, but with the distances, we’ll have to do it cyber style.

To start off, I’m listing this set of embossing supplies. This was literally used one day and then given up on!  Virtually new stuff here, I’m asking $5 for the set and $4 to ship it, you get first dibs before I list it on Etsy.  To purchase, click the buy it now button below.

Embossing supplies


If I still have any vintage ephemera readers and ATC friends still reading this blog, stay tuned for some great goodies to come!