Let’s get real… before and after

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I had to take a little break from creating and clean my studio.  I was suffering from the “ever shrinking workspace syndrome”.  You may be familiar with it… when the 4×6 foot table has only 10 square inches of work area left.  I’ll go out of my comfort zone here and share the before and after pictures, just to keep it real.  (my apologies for the blurry phone photos)



Ahhhh! That’s better.  I got right to work and made a nice new mess on the table.  More details on that to come…

ATC Swap week 3 -Independent

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Week 3 of the challenge and swap at The Studio-Thriving Artist Community Facebook group.  I chose to share how I am independent and proud of it.  No explanation needed on this one :)

RubyMoon Art ATC- Independent



The entries I made for weeks 1 and week 2 can be found here.  Creative ATC & Advocate ATC.

ATC Swap Week 2

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RubyMoonArt ATC- Advocate


Week 2 of the February challenge ATC swap at The Studio Facebook group.  This week I love that I am an animal advocate.  I believe dogs are family and should be respected as such!  All animals are here for a reason, no less of a reason than us.  Here is my ATC depicting my this value I’m proud of.

ATC Swap Week 1

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Over the The Studio-Thriving Artist Community Facebook Group there is a February ATC Swap going on.  The theme is Love of course, but self love.  A bit harder concept for most of us.  We are to make a card each week about something we love about ourselves.  To be honest this is really difficult for me, not because I don’t have self love, but the sharing of it.  Telling others how great I am is NOT easy LOL.  But here I go… The first week I came up with this.  I’m Creative!

Creative ATC by RubyMoon Art

Altered Valentine Candy Box

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I’ve been busy working on my business & personal taxes the last couple weeks.  Not as fun as making stuff, but a necessary part of life.  I’m not really good with holiday creating, but I wanted to try something that’s been sitting around since 2010.  I saved an old Valentine chocolate box and the expiration date printed on the bottom was 2010.  It was time to get it out of my studio in one fashion or another.  With the paper ephemera swap over at ‎The Studio- a thriving artist community part of the challenge was to make something with what we received.  I had a very full box of good stuff to work with and decided to use it to alter this box.  Here are some pictures of the work in progress…

Altered Valentine Chocolate Box



I started adding layers to them and the top one went array.  I wasn’t liking where it was going, and I kept going anyway.  Then I decided to just paint over it and start over, now I don’t like it either.  So it just sits for inspiration (or the recycle bin) to strike.  This bottom picture turned out satisfactory.  I added paint and ink layers and then wrote an inspiration quote.  I don’t have any artwork or Valentine decor at work (my day job) so this might just find it’s way there for the week.

Altered Valentine Chocolate