Mixed Media Art Badge

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My piece for the first art challenge of the year over at The Studio on FB

RubyMoonArt Mixed Media Art Badge



Handmade Christmas Gifts

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First of all I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  My Christmas was busy, busy and very nice!  A lot of great times with family and wonderful gifts of course.  This is just one of the handmade projects from this Christmas season.  My 9 year old daughter made this Gingerbread House with grandma.  I love how this picture turned out, I think I’ll use it for my Christmas card next year :)



With all the excess involved in holidays these days it’s easy to get caught up in consumerism.  I feel strongly about making as many Christmas gifts as I can.  Not just for budget reasons, but for thoughtfulness.  I feel a gift shouldn’t be a regurgitation of a “wish list”.  I don’t like the “go buy this for me” attitude that can be a trap in the bustling around of the season.  I feel a gift should be thoughtful, not an obligation.  I’m well aware my family doesn’t agree, but I do my own thing anyway :)  So they receive handmade gifts whenever possible.  This year I made each of my kids a set of pajamas to go along with their store bought gifts.  I also had fun making a gift for my 1 year old nephew.  I made this bean bag set with his name on it and decoupaged a hat box for him to store the bags and use as a basket for tossing them.



In addition to this bean bag set and the jammies, I also made each of the ladies a scrabble tile necklace.

My daughter received a Journey Girl 18″ doll for Christmas from grandma.  I made her a couple outfits to go along with it.  I’ll try to get the dolly to model those for me and post those soon.  In the mean time, have a Happy New Year!


SewRubyMoon Fiber Art ornament Giveaway

I’m a day late! I said I would draw names for the winners of the ornament giveaway last night, but it didn’t happen.  I had 5 commenters who came out of the woodwork and let me know you’re reading.  I really appreciate that!  To show my appreciation, I’m giving all of you an ornament!  Norma, Jenny N, Debby, Kathy and Susan just email me your address and I’ll mail it out asap!  Thank you so much for your support!

I also wanted to share with you an easy Christmas craft I did with my kids.  I make stuff with my kids all the time, usually my daughter but I’ve been working on getting my son involved too.  I really wanted them to be involved in the Christmas cards this year.  I decided handmade cards from the kids would be a nice family project.  I used the super easy handmade stamps I posted about earlier.  I cut out the tree designs and did the gluing, you know, the technical part :)  I bought a pack of 50 blank cards and envelopes and a bottle of spray ink.  I told the kids we were going to be elves and work on an assembly line like at the North Pole.  I laid out the cards and had the kids take turns spraying a blob of ink on the right half.  Once that dried (or nearly dry) they each grabbed a hand made foam stamp, applied green paint and stamped their trees.  After that dried, I gave each kid a Christmas stamp and a red or green ink pad and had them stamp the inside of the card with our greetings.   Finally we all signed our names, I added pictures of the kids and we mailed them off!  We had a lot of fun and it cost under $10!Handmade craft foam stamp Christmas cards RubyMoonArthandmadestampcar


Mixed Media Ornament Swap

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I’m so excited to share some better pictures with you from the swap I participated in over at The Studio on Facebook.  Some great artists participated and made some lovely ornaments in all types of media!  I love seeing how the ideas of others come together with one theme.  All my ornaments are now hanging on my tree!  Thank you ladies, and especially April Cole for hosting.

AprilColeWireCrownOrnament AtelierMelodeeornamentswap DianaDardenPaperOrnament JackieDavidsonornamentswap JillAdamyOrnamentSwap


There’s still time to comment on this giveaway post for a chance to win one of the mixed media fiber art quilt ornaments I made for the swap!

SewRubyMoon Fiber Art ornament Giveaway

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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I’ve been busy working on Christmas gifts!  I can’t reveal what I’ve made yet, in case my recipients are reading.  I can reveal the swap ornaments I’ve received!  Such great gifts for the tree, I love swaps :)ornaments ornaments2

I should have a couple more coming this way, but I wanted to share the ones I have so far from these talented ladies!


Yes, that’s right! It’s my birthday today and to celebrate I’m giving my readers the gifts!  I have 3 (maybe more) of the art quilt ornaments to give away.  Just leave me a comment letting me know you’d like to win and I’ll pull names for the prizes!  I’ll draw the names on Friday the 20th so I can get them mailed and hopefully they arrive before Christmas!



While we’re on the subject of comments, I recently read a couple blog posts discussing the lack of comments. Ironically, these were written just a day apart… this in depth interview and this good old friend’s personal perspective.  I’ve obviously felt this too.  When I started blogging YEARS ago, I used to get super excited when I had a comment pop up!  Oh yay! Someone is reading! Someone liked what I wrote… I really enjoyed interacting with others.  The blog community was a great support system.  I enjoyed leaving comments as much as receiving them.  But yes, in the past few years those comments have declined significantly!  I definitely see it and I’m also guilty of not commenting.  I thought I’d just share a my opinion of the issue.  I try not to take it personally, but sometimes I do feel like I’m talking to thin air.  However I blog for me, not for the comments.  I’m not looking for praise or validation for what I do.  I simply want a record of my journey.  I share that journey with others and regardless if they are silently on the journey or vocally supporting me, I know you are there.  I feel that technology has become the biggest hindrance to commenting.  It’s not about people caring less.  I personally don’t comment as often because I’m reading in bed on my tablet.  Many blogs are quite cumbersome to click, wait for it to load, type my comment with my swipe keyboard, do the validation letters to prove I’m not a spambot… then wait for the comment to post.  In that time, I could read 2 or 3 more blogs!  I also read in a reader.  I use Feedly now that Google reader died.  This makes it easy to organize the blogs I follow (currently 145ish) and quickly scan what looks interesting.  With this new tool, I just swipe between posts and read away.  Unfortunately, it also makes it less personal.  I don’t get to see your pretty blog designs, the content that is on your side bars and of course the comments others leave.  I feel confident that I have people reading along with my posts, I obviously have a hit counter embedded in my blog code telling how many people land here, stay here, view pages… I also know there are others who subscribe to have my posts emailed to them and many others I assume read in a reader as I do.   So I know I’m not alone, I know you’re out there :) And I will keep blogging for me and to share with you.  Leaving a comment today, just might earn you a gift of appreciation :)