Swap & shop update

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I’m checking in with an update on the swap I spoke of. I decided to make some Art Quilt ornaments.  I hand printed the fabric using various mixed media techniques.  I’ve stamped, stenciled, sprayed, drawn and painted the surface of the fabric.  Then I quilted it, adding a layer of cotton batting and a backing fabric.  I then free motion machine quilted the fabric into ornament shapes.  A hand dyed seam binding ribbon is attached for hanging them on your tree, door or tying to a package.   Here are some pictures of the ones I made for the swap…





All packaged up and ready to be shipped off to their new owners!



If you didn’t get to join the swap, I have 8 more ornaments in my shop for sale!  They are listed at blowout prices since I’m just now listing them and “the season” is in full swing!  I’ve also added a few more Christmas inspired art quilt pieces to my Etsy shop.  I made these kitchen dish towels too!  I have one large flour sack towel and several waffle weave dish towels.  Again listed in my store to sell and ship quickly!  They’ll make great hostess gifts for the season, stocking stuffers and gift exchanges.

ornament1 ornament1a tree`

tree2 tree3


Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned… There’s a give a way coming up soon :)

Make do Monday and WIP

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I had another great weekend in the studio!  I was so productive it was scary.  I’m working on some ornaments for a swap at The Studio with April Cole on FB.  I’ve made some hand printed fabric that I’m getting ready to free motion embroider in the picture below. I also dyed some seam binding in Christmas colors.  I didn’t want to waste the dye left over so I dumped some cheese cloth and other fabric in to use it up.  I always do that for the fun of it, you never know where that fabric will turn up in my projects.



I made some of the foam stamps to decorate packaging with this year.  Stamping on craft or tissue paper will be easy and cute for wrapping gifts.



While I was waiting for things to dry, I also made another ATC out of my scrap box.  No particular theme on this one, just putting elements together.



I also made a few pieces for my Etsy store that I’ll be showing as soon as I have some time to edit the pictures.  Have a great week!

Make Do Monday ATC’s and Happy Veteran’s Day!

November 11th, 2013 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in atc | fiber art | make do monday | mixed media - (Comments Off on Make Do Monday ATC’s and Happy Veteran’s Day!)

First I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who has served our country and protected our rights!   To me it meant I had the day off, not a bad deal!  This meant I had time in the studio to make stuff :)  I also ate lunch with my kids at school which is a nice treat for all 3 of us.

To start off the day, I wanted to work on embellishing a sweatshirt.  I’m adding texture and color to a plain old men’s lined hoodie.  I love wearing them but wanted to make it more feminine.  Last year I added some embellishments and then decided it was too frilly for my personality.  This year I ripped it all off and started over.  Here’s a sneak peak of the project.  I will have nicer, full shots posted when I can arrange a photo shoot with my photographer (9 year old daughter), the weather and lighting.  Hopefully before spring!



In the afternoon, I decided it was time to bring back Make Do Monday’s.  The purpose is making ATC’s out of scraps from other projects.  I usually limit myself to only items in the scrap box, but today I felt like cheating.  My game, my rules :)  Here are the two ATC’s I made.  I only added the paper flowers on these, everything else was trash.

RubyMoonArtdocomHappyPlace RubyMoonArtdotcomBloom


And as always, these ATC’s are up for trade.  If you’d like to send me a card you’ve made, I’ll send you one of these.  I’m really in the groove right now and think I’ll be making some more ATC’s tonight.  But right now I’m off to teach my yoga class.

Holiday colors are arriving

November 10th, 2013 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in fiber art | mixed media - (Comments Off on Holiday colors are arriving)

I’m breaking out the holiday color scheme this week…



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