Happy Halloween!

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Easy handmade stamps

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One of the people I enjoy following online is Aimee of Artsyville.  I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her, but I have purchased her prints, washi tape and follow her blog, and Instagram (she has the most colorful, cheerful photos!) A couple weeks ago, she posted about making her own stamps out of foam and I was INSPIRED.  I’ve been wanting to try stamp carving, but just haven’t had time to learn and purchase the tools.  Besides I’m not the greatest drawer and would worry about my drawing being good enough for something as permanent as a carved stamp.  When I saw her post, I knew I could pull that off.  I had no doubt I could pull off simple, primitive shapes to use on my projects and the investment was well worth the risk. I found the thicker foam sheets Aimee recommends at Hobby Lobby.  At $1.27 for 11×14 sheets, I splurged!  I did invest wisely in the special $4 foam glue, I know from experience school glue does not work, glue guns melt it and chemical glues eat the foam. So I sat down with my $6 in supplies and no real intention and chopped away.  I find myself drawn to circles all the time, so with the stamps I went towards geometric shapes.  I love the tribal quality that I see in my pieces.  I’ve been wanting some bigger bolder designs to use on my mixed media pieces and these will be perfect!



As you can see, I tried drawing out designs first and then decided to just cut. I like the imperfect, handmade quality it adds.  I haven’t had a chance to use them on a piece of art yet, but did make a birthday card!  I have been working on two birthday gifts lately and realized as I wrapped them up, I need cards!  I hate running to the store, didn’t have much time to spend on making one  and realized a linear cake pattern would make a nice, easy stamp I could use anytime I’m in a pinch.  I cut the cake shape out and glued it on before I went to bed (glue is still wet in the picture). Got up in the morning and folded some 5×7 watercolor paper in half and stamped my image!  Wrote Happy Birthday inside and was finished!



Craft foam is one of those “supplies” I had deemed unworthy of my time.  I’ve used it before to make Halloween costumes and crafts with the kids, but always think back to when I was in design school… Our professors always harped “Integrity of materials” stating they don’t want us to use pipe cleaners and popsickle sticks for our design projects, use the good stuff.  Foam has always fallen into that unworthy category for me.  I want to thank Aimee for opening my eyes and encouraging me to “break the rules” a bit and inspire me outside the box.

New work, burst of creativity

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As I mentioned in this post, I had a burst of creativity in one day.  I wanted to share the pieces I worked on during that amazing, and much needed burst.  First of all when I’m creating backgrounds, I usually make multiple pieces at once.  I have a main piece I’m working on and then I have my journal open and sometimes spare canvas’ around to use up paint and such.  Last spring I did just that with these smaller 2 and 3 inch canvas’.  I made some marks with no end result in mind.  I let them sit…way too long.  So while I was bursting with creativity, I grabbed these off the shelf and did something with them.  I went back to my word of the year Thrive (it’s actually been my word two years in a row since I didn’t feel I addressed it enough).



These little trinket canvas’ were to add on to some birthday gifts (obviously :))




This last piece I was purely inspired by the quote.  I pin some of these on Pinterest from time to time thinking they might make it into a journal piece.  Here it made it to a canvas!  This quote really sums up how I feel about life. I’m not one of those “you can do/have anything you want if you put your mind to it” type of people.  I look at things differently, sometimes the world has other plans and journey’s for you than what you think.  You need to be open to those experiences that are being offered.  Stop fighting and go with it.  Make the best of where you are, and what you have.  This quote really says it all for me.  If it’s meant to be, it will be…



It’s on my shelf in my studio, reminding me daily… stop fighting life and just live it.

Reviving my inspiration

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In my efforts to reconnect with old friends and make new friends, I’m looking for blogs to follow on Feedly.  Leave me your blog address in the comments or email me and I’ll make sure I follow you.  I was an avid Google Reader fan, then moved onto BlogLovin, just not lovin that one.  I found Feedly and I’m in LOVE.  It works for me.  I’m also on FB, Twitter and I really love Flickr and Instagram, I’m a visual girl :) Link me up, I need more inspiration!  Of course I’ll reciprocate the inspiration, so follow me too!

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Happy Fall

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I found some time and mojo to get back into my studio this past weekend.  I don’t know what hit me, I had inspiration overload. Ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I couldn’t decide what to work on, too many ideas at once!  Such a bad problem to have, isn’t it?  It was well past due, that’s what I say. I’ve seriously been struggling with not having any kind of creative motivation.  I think, oh yeah, I could make that…but why?  I’ve been lost without a purpose.  I’ve felt like I don’t have time.  I’ve really been very creatively depressed, again.  I seriously considered selling all my art supplies because I could use the cash and the space it would free up.  It’s all just sitting there, in excess.  I thought about renting out my studio space for income, I’m not using it after all.  Luckily the logistics in all this were overwhelming and I had a change of heart.  I went to the studio to just make something.  Anything.  For no reason.  Tis the season for Halloween, so I decided on a color palette.  The background came easy, it always does. And off I was!  I spent 4 solid hours making stuff, just to make stuff. No end result in mind.  No function, no profit, no PURPOSE.  It worked.  (reveal coming soon)

I went looking for some supply, I’ve forgotten where things are, it’s been so long.  I found a drawer where I had packed away all the art I received in the many, many swaps I used to participate in.  Tag book swaps, ATC swaps, matchbox swaps, altered spoons… the list goes on and on.  It brought back so many fond memories of cyber friends I had made.  Bonding through our blogs and flickr and such.  We knew each others lives (as they are displayed) knew each others tastes and styles.  Real friends! Then I got sad.  I let all those friendships dwindle.  I miss everyone!  Look at this gorgeous art you GAVE me! I want those friendships back, how could I be so careless! I know my time is limited now, but friends understand,right?  There’s always time for friendships and art!

This all made me see that I have given up on my dream.  My PURPOSE in art to to go somewhere with it.  It’s a long process, I’m still discovering who I am.  I just need to make it and keep making it.  Everything else will fall into place.  I have a strong dream of being a self supporting artist, supplementing with teaching yoga.  Just because I’m stuck in a not so thrilling job now, doesn’t mean it’s a death sentence.  It’s part of the process.  It reminds me to move forward, onward into the unknown.  Create for the future, because no one knows what that will be.

At the same time as these revelations, I came across this article (in my inbox).  The universe does have a way of making things collide in just the right time, if you are open to it.

Credit http://www.createandthrive.com/motibright-seth-godin-who-brainwashed-you-into-thinking-you-need-a-job

So, hello old friends! I’m back and I miss you :)