Lack of creative mojo

April 13th, 2013 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Lack of creative mojo)

I’ve happened to take a bit of a break from blogging and all things creative it seems.  It happens, I know it won’t last.  I try not to worry about it and force it.  Luckily (?) I don’t have to rely on my creative juices flowing in order to support myself, or I would be worried!  Someday I hope I have that problem, it’s not an issue right now.

What I have been up to… I installed a new light fixture in my studio.  It’s been on my to do list since I moved in last June.  I’m scared to death of electricity and it took awhile to get the courage to tackle that project.  Not to mention it took some courage to tackle cleaning off my table so I could move it out of the way :)  But I finally did it!  The light is installed and my house has  not burned down (yet, knock on wood).  Here is not so good picture of the clean table and new light.  While I was confident I replaced the light on the other side of the room with something more “modern” looking.  That end is where my son plays his wii and my daughter has her craft table.



It seems that organizing my studio left me with the “I don’t want to mess it up” syndrome LOL! My table is still clean!  I guess I work better when it’s a mess.

Today I had a creative streak in the kitchen.  I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own spa products.  I’ve made sugar scrubs before, but I also really wanted to make some body butter. I love THICK lotions.  None of that watery, evaporating stuff for my dry skin!  Today I made a bunch of stuff while I had the kitchen a mess.  Along with more sugar scrubs, I made lotion bars, healing salve and body butter.  Everything turned out great!  I was more than worried about the body butter.  I followed this recipe, only when I let it cool… it never started to solidify so I could whip it.  I tried whipping it, but it just sprayed all over my kitchen wall.  Before I gave up and dumped it, I searched some more recipes to see if I could salvage it.  Turns out others have had the same issue!  They recommended putting it in the fridge and helping it solidify.  That’s exactly what I needed to do, it worked great after that!  I would also recommend a stand mixer, mixing with a hand mixer for 10 minutes really wasn’t fun.  Here’s the products I ended up with (lotion bars not pictured).


I’m hooked!  I’m already concocting ideas for new combinations of oils.  I think I’ll make these for a thank you gift for the teachers at the end of the school year, they definitely deserve some pampering!  I’m thinking my moms might like this for mothers day too!