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This week in particular I am noticing creative urges oozing from my pores!  This feeling has been missing for most of the year and I’m so comforted to have it back!  I currently have so many ideas and NO time.  It’s frustrating but amazing all the same.  A month ago or so I started a new series of mixed media pieces based on song lyrics.  I am so impressed with the talented song writers in the world, in total awe of their work. Putting feelings into words, and then words into music is inconceivable to me. Such talent I will never know.  I am a visual and hands on person.  I create with tangible art. I can not relate to the audible and written art, although I deeply respect it for this reason.  When I listen to music I enjoy reading the lyrics, more of the visual/tangible part of me.  While doing this I got the idea of putting some of these genius words into an art form I can visualize.  There is the start of a new series for me.  I’ve used snippets or samples of song lyrics in my mixed media pieces.  In my opinion, the words that speak to me in a song.  It’s not necessarily the chorus line or the title, just something I can relate to.  I have at least a dozen of these collages going right now, I’m finding it hard to know when a piece is “done” :)  When to walk away.  Of course it might help if I didn’t have creative ADHD and work on a million things at once with no real focus!  Here is the first piece that I have deemed as “done”

This is obviously from the Beatles Hey Jude song.  I think I could make a piece for every line in this song, and most of the Beatles songs for that matter!  Such brilliant meanings in the words.  This piece is completed and I’ve listed it as a print in my Etsy shop.  I will be sharing more pieces as I get them “done”, scanned and ready for market.
In other news, I finally convinced my kids to let me have a photo shoot with them.  Ok, I bribed them!  It cost me a new Webkinz for the girl and tablet game for the boy :)  I really desired some “professional” pictures of the kids, but with my new budget restraints it just wasn’t possible to have done.  So, I did it myself.  I’m happy with how they turned out and I’ll share them with you.

Happy Fall!

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WOW, I’m whipping through the seasons on this blog LOL!  Remember when I said I’d be back tomorrow… Well I guess I meant next month.  I had the best of intentions, really!  As I left off, I was going to show you the ATC’s I received from my swap partner.  The delay I incurred was putting forth the effort to clean my studio and figure out a place to set up my light box.  It’s too much hassle to put it up and take it down.  So I really need to leave it up, or I will never photo my work and post it!  Tonight I finally got around to it!  Here is my little set up, right next to my entertainment center in a little corner of the basement.  Not glamorous, but functional :)

As promised… the lovely ATC’s I received from my partner Kamali in Australia!

It was a fun swap with an unusual theme, really pushing us out of our boxes!  Thanks again to Wendy for faithfully hosting!