Is anyone still following this sad little blog?  I could use some kind comments for encouragement :)  I didn’t mean to take a 5 month sabbatical!  Crazy how life happens.  The past 9 months have been a whirlwind of detours, roadblocks and {re}construction of my life.  In a nut shell, I moved, I got divorced, I started working full time again, I bought a house, I moved again, my computer crashed, my dog died and a broken heart.  All while changing my lifestyle, downsizing my home, learning to live humbly with much less of everything, most importantly helping my kids adjust to all this. I haven’t made any art in months, no craft shows, no mojo.
Not to say this is all bad, some really good things have come from this.  I’ve learned I can support myself.  I’ve learned I am much stronger than I ever thought possible.  I’ve learned that thinking about life is scarier than living through it.  I’ve learned that I can do much more by myself than I was ever comfortable attempting.  I’ve learned my creative mind helps with home repairs/improvements.  I basically feel pretty invincible at this point.  I’ve learned that the greatest things happen when you have nothing left to lose.  That’s the title of my next art piece!  I’m also brewing up a new art series, more details on that later.
I’m getting my creative urges back after spending months nesting and settling into my new home, my new life, my  new roles.  I decided I just really needed a reason to create so I joined back in the Blissful ATC swap. This was a challenging month to jump back into!  The theme for September is “Cowboys & Indians-How the West was Won.”  This is so far out of my element, really made me think!  A great challenge to get me started :)  Here’s what I came up with.  I focused on the images of Cowboys and Indians.  I kept coming back to some basic icons of the era.

Click to enlarge

The first one is a foil art image of a boot. It’s really hard to get a good picture of it.  The texture reminds me of worn, wrinkled leather. The next one is a series of images from “The Old West”.  The third one I went out of my element again.  I learned to make a dream catcher.  The paper background reminds me of the woven blankets the Indian women make.  So there you go! How I vision the Cowboy and Indian theme and my first baby steps back into creating.  Tomorrow I will share the ATC’s I received :)