Whelp, it’s official.  I’m headed back to work full time.  I just got a job with the state.  I will spare you the boring and un-glamorous details, it’s just a job :)  But in an effort to make it bearable, I went window shopping on Etsy and found some things I’d like for my office (cubicle)!  I made it into a treasury, take a look the image is clickable.

Time for an updated look

April 5th, 2012 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

With all the changes in my life, I decided it’s time to update my blog! I’m taking suggestions for a web designer.  Anyone used a good designer lately?  I want to switch to a wordpress blog on my own domain and have everything in one place.  I am on a budget, but this is something I simply don’t have time to learn how to do!  Link me up with your referrals!

Fiber Art brooches, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

It’s no April Fool’s joke! I’m still here! For real :) I’m still trying to settle into a new routine and find my groove. However, I did find a little time to make these cute little fiber art brooches. I doodled the design with my sewing machine and painted with some shimmery fabric paint. Added a pin to the back. I think they are a cute little accessory for the artsy gal :)
I start a new full time job tomorrow, so more changes means more adjusting. I hope to find that groove soon! I’m seriously behind on the blogs I read too. My Google reader has 600+ unread posts! I will never get through them all, but I’m skimming through as I have time :)
Thanks for everyone who has sent messages checking on me, I very much appreciate the caring friendships I’ve made around blog land. You all are wonderfully important to me :) Have a great week!