A reminder of my One Little Word

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Source: karenika.com via Amy on Pinterest

A beautiful work of art (totally not done by me!) to remind me of my One Little Word… Thrive
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Be My Valentine Swap

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Thank you all so much for the feedback concerning my previous post, I had some great comments and personal emails.  I love this blogging community!  I really don’t see myself leaving for good, I just question whether I want to be a “professional” blogger.  Anyway… on to the fun stuff!

I got to enjoy the pleasure of another swap, just before I packed up and moved my studio and home.  I participated in Vintage Dragonfly’s Be My Valentine Swap.  We were instructed to take the small sized match box, alter it in a Valentine theme, make 3 mini ATC’s to fit inside and send to our partner.  How sweet is that?  This is officially my first Valentine’s day in years that I do not have a Valentine.  But I wasn’t about to be left out of the Valentine art!  Here is what I made my partner Michele.

And here is the sweet Valentine I received from her!

These tiny sized ATC’s were so fun to make and receive!  It’s nice to switch it up from time to time and challenge ourselves with new sizes, materials or mediums.  I love the sweet style of the matchbox she made. I really enjoyed this swap, as I do all the swaps that Joanne hosts!  Thanks Michele for being a great partner!

So I’ve been missing for over a month.  The experts would label me a bad blogger.  My excuse will be a mess of  my personal life and the fact that I’m questioning the reason or purpose I’m blogging.  I’ve kept my personal life quite personal and not included on this blog.  Not for any real reason, other than I’m not a person who shares the details easily with the world.  I’ve kept my lives separate :)  Again, those “blog experts” would say to include a snapshot of my “real” life with my blog life.  It makes me more real, relate-able.  Letting my readers know that my dishes are not done, my kids fight and I struggle to make ends meet help grow those online relationships.  I can buy it, I believe they could have a point.  So here it is… In December, my husband of nearly 15 years, and I decided to call it quits.  We are in the middle of a divorce right now.  It’s amicable and not a dirty, bitter fight.  However, divorce is never easy.  With this change I have had to get a “real job” or at least attempt to.  I have been out of the “real job” workforce for 6 years.  I’ve been trying to go back to work full time since about September.  I’m apparently not very employable.  I was offered a temporary data entry job, but I couldn’t line up childcare with their expected start date.  I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  I am now working part time, 30 hours a week at Home Depot.  It works around my kids school schedule so I can avoid the cost of childcare.  However, it doesn’t pay the all the bills.  I’m even living in my dad’s basement with my 2 kids, because I can’t afford rent.  Yes, I’m a middle age women with 2 kids living in my parent’s basement. Yes, even living rent free, I don’t make ends meet. I really don’t know how I’m going to make this work.  It stresses me out to think about, to the point where I am paralyzed.  I really need to make my art business work, it’s my passion, my love, my everything.  If I can make it work, I don’t have to rely on the corporate world hiring me.  I don’t have to give up my art for the payment of bills.  But everything seems too daunting to do anything these days, it’s a wicked slump. But enough about that stuff!  The last thing I want is a pity party.  I get through one day at a time, not giving up on my dream.
That all being said, I still have the desire and determination to make this work.  I’m taking 2 e-courses right now to learn more about how to make a real living as an artist.  It’s discussed all over the web about how a blog is a very important way to connect with people (potential customers).  These “experts” say how your blog should be engaging with real content that people want to read.  Posting should be on a regular basis so you’re not forgotten or dropped from reader lists.  Ok, I get that.  I don’t read blogs where all they post about is their latest Etsy listings.  However, writing is not my strong point.  I don’t want to make a living writing blog posts.  I want to make a living creating art.  Naive as it may sound, I don’t want to rely on my blog as my lifeline.  I want to show up and post when I feel I have something I’m excited about, that others will find exciting. Sharing techniques when I come up with them.  If my mojo is gone for a month, I may not post for a month (or more as has happened lately).  I don’t want to stress over coming up with regular, engaging blog content.  I don’t want it to consume all my energy and resources.  Like I said, my goal is not to become a well known blog writer.  So these are the things I am struggling with right now.  I’d love to hear “real people’s” opinions on blogging.  What kind of blogs do you read?  Do you feel the blog builds important relationships? Do you forget about bloggers who don’t post a few times a week?  I’d love to get some input on this.  Maybe blogging for artists is just as unavoidable as taxes ;)

Thanks for listening and I will be back soon with a swap to share.  THAT is something I get excited about :D