Wishing you all a very lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I hope everyone can think of tons to be thankful for!
If you read my blog in a reader, you may not have noticed I added a widget in my sidebar for Facebook. I’ve made a facebook fan page for my Etsy shop!  To entice you all to come like my page I’ve hidden (not to hard to find) a 20% off code there!  Hope on over to my page and like me :)  Then head over to SewRubyMoon on Etsy and do some relaxing shopping, no crowds, I promise!

Coupon will work thru Nov 30th

Blissful ATC swap for November

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I’m a little late posting this, my apologies to my partner Peggy.  Here is the Thankful themed ATC I received from her…

and then then one I sent her…

Just another great month in the Blissful ATC swap!
I probably won’t be around much this week.  I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the family this year and then the following week I have a craft fair!  Busy, Busy…see you soon!

Gifts that Give

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There’s still not much going on around here this week.  I’m still trying to recover and play catch up from last weeks major cold attack.  I have been “pinning” some gift ideas on Pinterest for my holiday shopping.  I strive to give only handmade gifts for the holidays.  I think it is so much more meaningful.  Even if I don’t make the gift, at least a real person put effort into the gift.  My second choice for gift giving is to buy a gift that includes a charity donation of the proceeds.  While pinning, I found a huge amount of artists that do just that!  So I can get the both options in one gift! I spent the evening creating this treasury on Etsy highlighting some great Gifts that Give.

Please help out these generous and caring artists. Click, favorite and promote this treasury for them and the more importantly, the charities they support!
I also have this Gifts that Give Pinboard on pinterest which has many more ideas than I could fit on the treasury.  It also has non-Etsy items and something for everyone on your list.  Feel free to follow this board (or just follow me and I’d love to follow you back).  Help me support the true meaning of giving from the heart this year <3

I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! I’ve been MIA from a not so fun head cold :(  Anyway, I wanted to pop in here and announce the winners to the Witches Tea Party Giveaway!  I said the more comments the more hats I’d be giving away, so with 28 comments I decided 5 winners would be nice odds :) These hats are hand formed (no mold was used) from paper clay, painted, glittered (1black, 4 graphite) and embellished with a hand dyed ribbon.
Here are the 5 hats going out to new homes…

I used Random.org to generate 5 numbers for me and they are 4, 11, 6, 13 & 14.  Those corresponding comments are (images linked)…

And if this one isn’t the craziest of odds!  I just won her giveaway of the jackpot of stamps! I swear it’s not fixed!  It’s karma in action folks, give and you will receive :)  It’s only logical that I send her a thank you gift anyway, it just took random.org to make that happen.  
Thank you all who visited, played along and those who I added as followers, you are what makes blogging worth it :)
I’m contacting all winners tonight to gather your shipping info and as soon as I find 5 boxes they will be shipped out!

Make Do Mondays

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Another edition of Make do Mondays coming your way.  Every week I challenge myself to make an ATC out of  scraps, found objects and junk that lands in my scrap box.  This ATC I called “Classy” do to the classical elements in the pattern on the black paper, the formality of a tassel and the rich color scheme.  Again it’s not something that I would call “my style” that’s the best part of the challenge!

Jackpot!!!! Whoo Hoo!

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I got the greatest package in the mail this week!  I won another blog giveaway!  This time I won a big box of rubber stamps from Stef at Ingenious Inkling.  She was cleaning out her stash, stuck them in boxes to give away on her blog.  This has to be the most generous giveaway I’ve ever seen :)  Look at how many stamps fit in that priority mail box. I could never imagine.  I am so thankful for the new toys to play with!  I must go get some new inks and something to organize all these :D   Fun times ahead for me.
I’m sensing karma in the works here, I gave away my goblin, and won the Blog Guide book poster.  I have witches hats up for giveaway now and I won the stamps…hmmm sensing a trend in giving and receiving, must remember this…
 Head on over to Ingenious Inklings for some great inspiration and ideas, she’s genius!