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Hello, I’m here this weekend participating in The Witches Tea Party under a Halloween Moon, hosted by Anna of Frosted Petunia’s.  My post is going to be all about Witches Tea Party inspirations.  I’ve linked as best as I can for all these photo’s.  I’ve found some fabulous ideas.

At the end, don’t forget to read how you can win a party favor from me!

Let the inspirations begin…

First I went shopping for a special tea pot, something extraordinary of course.  Obviously the most important accessory for a tea party.

The next important detail will be setting the scene…
I went with Garden Tea Party inspirations, witches after all, worship nature.

Next I moved on to searching for the details…

Now for the fun part, what to wear!

Since the lovely Anna took care of the invites, all we need to do is gather for the party…
enjoy our time, and hope we don’t end up like this!
Thank you all for stopping by, it was a pleasure sharing my inspirations with you!  I’d like to contribute a little parting gift, door prize, party favor of sorts.  For all of you who leave a comment, I will put your names into my hat and draw for a cute little glittery witches hat made by me!
I will take names for a week or so, giving you all time to mingle through the guest list of blogs. It just takes a comment but of course I’ll give extra credit for postings and sharings :)  I will give away 1 or MORE depending on how many comments I get!  The more comments=more hats given away!

Thanks again, and enjoy the tea party!

I had the urge to create just a couple more Halloween pieces before the season is over :)  I started with this orange and black cuff.  I wanted a grungey, goth piece to wear for Halloween that would be a conversation starter.  I layered fabrics, ribbons and used black sketch stitching to hold it all together.  A button closure secures it on the wrist.  I love that the colors are muted and not “in your face” orange and black.

Then I felt like making a couple little gifts for the season.  I made these pumpkin pins or brooches from layered, hand dyed fabrics and free motion machine quilting.  I simply sketched them as I went!  I made a set of 4 and gave one to my mom and the other is on it’s way to a lovely bloggy friend ;)   I think it’s too late to put these in my Etsy store, but if anyone is interested in purchasing one, I can hook you up!  I feel pumpkins go through fall and into Thanksgiving. Maybe that’s because I’m such a big fan of them?

I must have created good karma by having a giveaway! I won a giveaway, just as mine finished up!  The Blog Guide Book is hosting a Pin it and Win it contest and I was their first winner! I get a copy of this poster! YAY!
It will look great in my studio, I’m excited for it to arrive :D

Make Do Mondays

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The third edition of Make do Mondays.  This ATC was created using only the scraps in my scrap box, gathered from cleaning my studio, found objects I can’t throw away, and items that just don’t have a home.  I called this one Black and Red.  One of the fun parts of this personal challenge is using color schemes I may not otherwise use.  I’m forcing myself to use what’s in my box, limiting the outside supplies.

This card is up for swap or trade, leave me a comment if you are interested!

And we have a winner!

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The winner of the cute Goulish Goblin is comment #1 Wanda AKA Craftymule!  Congratulations Wanda, I will ship this to you as soon as I get your address and find a box :)  He can grace your home for the Halloween festivities!

Thank you everyone who played along!

Since I’ve had issues with my photoshop program for the last 5 months, I haven’t done ANY scrapping!  I finally gave up, downloaded a trial version so I can scrap for at least 30 days before I have to buy it.  Can I scrap a whole year worth in 30 days…hmmm?  Anyway, I got three pages done today!

Digi kit credits- See Jane Smile collab by Sweet Shoppe

Digi kit credits- See Jane Smile collab by Sweet Shoppe 

Digi kit credits- Great outdoors from Scrapbook Graphics

I’m working ahead on the November edition of the Blissful ATC swap.  The theme is thankful.  I dried some leaves from my tree in the backyard and decided I needed to use them.  I made a series of 3 Thankful ATC’s.  I’m not sure yet which one will go to my partner, like I said, I’m ahead of the game :)

And one more day to enter the giveaway!

October Blissful ATC swap

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The theme for October’s Blissful ATC swap was Movie Monsters.  As usual, it was a challenge, but that’s what makes it fun!  I’m not into horror movies, I’ve barely seen any of them. I just didn’t know what to do, until I searched monsters in the supply category on Etsy.  I thought maybe I’d find a rubber stamp or something… instead I found this collage sheet.  My first thought was to cut the squares out of paper to collage, then I decided to take it one step further…  I printed it on fabric, cut it out, and free motion quilted it together. This is a horrible picture of it, but maybe if you click it to blow it up you can see the details.  This card is on it’s way to April Cole my partner for this month.
I liked it so much I decided to make one for myself.  This one I got a little braver and did the black stitching around all the pictures, making it darker, creepier.

Here is the Movie Monster my partner April sent me…

 She made this cute little popcorn envelope to hold the ATC, great idea to go with the movie theme :)

Inside is this great vintage inspired King Kong ATC. There are great theater references with the curtain and the studio city sign.  I just love this scene she’s created! Thanks April!
Don’t forget to get entered for the Ghoulish Goblin Giveaway!

Make Do Mondays

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I’ve been out of town and almost missed posting this! It’s still Monday for 2 more hours here :)

Here is the 2nd round of Make do Mondays, where I take items from my scrap box and turn them into an ATC.  A little challenge I’ve put myself up to :)  In this box are things picked up while cleaning my studio, sometimes a found object will find it’s way into there.  You know, those interesting thingies you find and don’t know where they should go.  This week’s ATC started with an ATC blank given to me by my friend Bonnie.  We did a swap a long while ago and this blank card has been sitting around forever!  Time to put it to use I say!

This card is up for trade or swap, anyone interested, just leave me a comment :)

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter this giveaway 

Friday Fails and a Giveaway!

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I had a good response from my first post on Friday Fails.  The day we show and tell our not so successful projects.  It’s good to laugh at ourselves, knowing that we did TRY and  pursue an idea.  Sometimes they don’t all come out as planned, but the process is learning!  Here we can share what we’ve learned or just laugh at ourselves for the fun of it :D  Tomorrow we get back up and try again, or try something else!

This week’s fail I’m showing you some cotton yarn I attempted to dye for Halloween use.  If you refer back to the Operation Tie Dye post, I had friends spend the day tie dying with me.  I added some ribbons, yarn and various fabrics to the dye baths. I wanted to use these dyed objects in some upcoming projects I envisioned.  As you can see from the picture the colors are not very vibrant.  Especially the black.  I was quite disappointed in the black. The orange is usable in the one skein, but even it is pale in the other.  I was bummed that it didn’t turn out as I had planned, but ended up using these muted colors in some projects anyway.  The important thing is, I learned that the dye particles adhere themselves to fibers. Therefore if you are doing a lot of dying, as we were, you need to refresh your dye bath with more dye as you go.  The first few sets of shirts we dyed are nice and vibrant.  They faded as we got to the bottom of they pile.  This yarn was done at the very end, and didn’t have enough dye particle left in the water to thoroughly color the yarns. So I lived and learned, that’s what’s important here!  Another failed project under my belt equals more wisdom :)
And I did use the yarn to embellish the spool on this Ghoulish Goblin… Which needs a new home!


It’s been ages since I’ve had a giveaway on my blog!  They’re always so fun, I don’t know why I don’t do it more often! This giveaway is for this little goblin guy I made.  He’ll get to you just in time for Halloween!

I originally made Mr Goblin for my swap partner Jean in the Matchbox swap.  I made the head and hat with paper clay (picture looks like he has a little glitter dust on his face). After he was made, I headed over to her blog to have a look and saw that she makes spool creatures too!  I didn’t want to give her something like she’s making LOL!  So you’re the lucky peeps who get a chance at having this goblin spend Halloween at your house :D

You know the drill, leave a comment to enter.
I will draw a name on Friday the 21st! 
Extra entries will be given for promoting the giveaway, leave comments telling me.

Thanks for playing along and good luck to all!

Kid swap!

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Celia from Adventures of the Striped Stockings contacted me recently to arrange a child to child ATC swap.  She has a 10 year old daughter and I a 7 year old.  They agreed to make Halloween ATC and tags for each other.  Rayna made some, then her friends joined in, then the pesky little brother… Next thing you know we have a large envelope full to send :D  Here is the art “my kids” made for Lindsay…

I made these while supervising :)

Lindsay and her friend sent these…

It’s fun for the girls to swap “just like mom”!  Rayna loves it when I get art packages in the mail and it’s even better when they are for her!

Make Do Mondays

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Another new series I’d like to start blogging about here is called “Make Do Mondays”  The theme will be to post about projects made with limited items at hand.  I plan on making an ATC a week from scraps.  I keep a shoe box sized plastic box handy to put scraps of paper, ribbon, odds and ends, pretty much anything I find when cleaning my work table and think it can still be used.  For this inaugural post I made this ATC…

All the pieces were in my box, I added an inked border for some interest.  I’d like to make this a participatory series.  I’m thinking about offering to swap cards with someone each week?  Or a giveaway drawn from the comments?  What are your thoughts?