Curiosities Matchbox swap

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I just participated in Speckled Egg’s Petite Inspiration Matchbox swap– Curiosities edition.  My partners were Donna of Red Apple Junction and Christine of A Work in Progress.  Two very talented ladies, I was lucky to be paired with these two!  Donna sent this great vintage inspired curiosities matchbox.  Love the dark altered feel of the box.  Lots of textures with a hint of sparkle. Filled to the brim with antique, vintage treasures. Love the paper flower on the wrapping.  Very cool, I really like the crocheted doily and hat pin on the top!   What can I say?  I love it all!

 Stuffed full of curiosities, so very generous!

She made this great ATC and stuck it in the box too, lovely festive colors!

Christine chose a different path for her curiosities theme.  She sent a nature inspired package, very Alice-esque in my opinion.  Let me show the pictures, then I will explain…

 In the package is a photo of Brigitte Meyer and her story.  She grew up on a dairy farm and loved to explore nature and made this box to store all her treasures (this is my summarized version, the whole story is quite sweet).  I have to say, never have I seen a matchbox looks so fabulous!  This is quite a different look, different in a creative, imaginative, good way!  Covered in moss and butterflies, somewhere under there is a matchbox, can you believe it?  It’s there!  I’ll let you click the pictures for a closer look.

 Trinkets and treasures inside the box…

 Paper ephemera, I can’t believe this all fit!

She also included this lovely muslin bag with some gifties!  I love that test tube with buttons, great idea :)

Now for what I sent to these ladies in return.  I’ll admit, I made 4 boxes.  I didn’t like how the first ones came out.  I got off on a tangent and I don’t think they felt “curiosities” enough.  So I started re-thinking and decided to go with a more Victorian Steampunk look.  I used vintage fabrics and trims and some stamping and inking and came up with this.

I free motion quilted the layers all together and added some vintage buttons for embellishments. I was going for that old world look.  I guess I didn’t take any pictures of what was inside, you’ll have to check out their blogs for that :)  Just one of many great swaps this month!  Thank you so very much ladies, it was my pleasure swapping with you!

Road trip to the wildlife safari

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Saturday was just one of those days I felt the need to escape. We just needed a change of scenery and to get out of the house.  The kids were stir crazy and apparently I was too.  I decided to take them to the Wildlife Safari Park.  It’s only about 30 minutes on the interstate from my house so it’s a quick day trip for us!  We were there just a year ago but enjoyed it a lot.  I really like this type of zoo, the animals are living in conditions much closer to their natural habitats.  They have plenty of room to roam and run free, but are still protected, fed and cared for.  Here are some pictures from our trip.

As we enter the gate, we are greeted by a heard of elk.  This is mating season so they were wading in mud and bugling for us.  Last year we witnessed a battle, but this year they were just loud.  We did have a couple cross the road right near our car, so we got a close up view!  These elk have acres and acres of land to roam.  If they want to take off on a sprint they can!

Next we drove thru the wetlands and saw these beautiful pelicans.

We stopped for a picnic lunch and then hiked up to see the bear and wolves.  On the hike we passed the first sightings of fall foliage changing colors.  Look at that blue sky! It was a perfect day to be out in nature.  The bear was out sunning himself on this beautiful morning, enjoying oranges.  He looked up to pose for me!  We hiked on to the wolves but they had gone in for a nap or something.  I guess just 30 minutes earlier all 6 were out for a stroll, but we missed them.  They live in a very large fenced in canyon area.  They have acres of wooded areas and also some prairie to roam, they also have a creek running thru the canyon.  Which means lots of hiding places so us nosy tourist can’t see them :)

We continued the hike up to a small lake and wetlands area and here is a picture I snapped of my kids.  Actually getting along, hehe.  The water was beautiful and dragonflies danced across the water for us.  My kids really wanted to see some frogs or other aquatic life up there, but no luck.  The water was crystal clear and so beautiful!

After the hike we got back in the car and continued our safari.  We drove through the other side of the wetlands and saw a huge flock of geese and these crane or herons?  I’m not sure what they are.  I’m not even sure if they “live” here or just dropped by for a visit like the geese.   Very majestic looking.

At the end of our tour we saw the herd of buffalo.  They too have acres and acres to roam.  A hillside with shade, a pond and lots of prairie grass area.  The herd decided to cross the road right in front of our car!  We waited for about 10 minutes for them all to pass safely.  They started quite a traffic jam behind us :)  It was pretty cool seeing them that close, the kids said they could hear them breathe.  Beautiful creatures!
So that was our little Saturday day trip into the “wild”  I’m glad my kids can enjoy these activities with me and not be bored :)

Halloween inspired fiber art

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Halloween inspired fiber art, originally uploaded by amypytlik.
While making art for my swaps, I squeezed in this little art quilt piece. 3.5×6.5 inches of hand dyed fiber layers, free motion quilted. This is some of the fabric I dyed on our tie dye day :) It’s listed in my sewrubymoon etsy shop now, just in time for Halloween decorating!

Altered Tin Swap

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 Both of us have received our tin’s in the Halloween tin swap hosted by Bliss Angels.  So now we can post about it!  Marsha was my partner and she made this totally cool piece!

A spell book and simmering cauldron, she has her mini broom and a real glowing candle stick (in the right corner, sorry you can’t see it!).  All of this overlooked by the raven on top.  The details are amazing, including the tiny hands in the cauldron! A very clever vignette!  The back is decorated as well, unfortunately my camera took a blurry picture of it :(

I had a hard time getting my head around a theme for this project.  I just didn’t know where to go with it.  I finally decided on a house theme and then the inspiration flowed.  Here is what I made for Marsha…


inside left detail
Inside right detail

Sorry for the blurry pictures, I’m not sure what happened with my camera.  I made the raven and pumpkin out of paper clay.  It was my first time using it and I just started making Halloween shapes and went from there. I really like the product, much easier to work with than polymer, in my opinion.  The only drawback was it seemed to take forever to dry, but I might be impatient ;)
I really enjoyed the swap, Marsha was a great partner!  Up next, I will share my curiosities inspiration boxes…

Operation Tie Dye!

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Last week a few friends and I got together and spent the day tie dying!  I had suggested that we make some orange and black shirts for Halloween and then it snowballed from there!  We made red and white, which turned out VERY pink.  Pink and yellow, pink and white, red and black… it goes on and on.  We had 5 colors set up and a TON of shirts!  I also tossed in some fabrics and ribbons to play with.  Here are a few of our creations…

What a fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon :)

Newly designed bag

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This has been in the works for months now!  I kept getting distracted with swaps and other projects.  But I’ve had the vision in my head for quite some time.  I wanted to update my signature bag style, nothing drastic, just little design changes.  I eliminated the knot in the strap as in this example here…

 Now, I’ve also slimmed the design a bit.  The new design is sleeker and stays closer to the hip, great for wearing across the body. The bag still has plenty of room!  Here is the updated design…

Kind of hard to tell the changes from the picture so here are the dimensions- The base measures 11×4.5 inches and it’s 29 inches from the top of the handle to the base of the bag. I listed it in my Etsy Shop today!

Here is the other project I’ve been working on.  A free motion quilted hanging. I’m stumped on this one though!  I don’t know how I want to finish the edges?  I kind of like them frayed and natural, I think it adds to the texture. But I worry that it doesn’t look “finished” to someone else.  So it’s sitting for a while and I will ponder it…

Blissful ATC swap for September

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This month’s theme for the Blissful ATC swap was Industrial.  This one stumped me for quite awhile, I really wasn’t sure where to go with it.   Brainstorming brought thoughts of, factory, concrete, machinery, dirty, grungy, workers, steam, steel, smoke stacks, production, hard… you get the idea.  How to incorporate that into art was the problem.  I thought about what materials I had on hand around here that would work…ummm…nothing?  Then I thought, what about aluminum foil, could that be made to look like steel?  Or stainless steel?  I played around, unhappy with my choices so I googled for ideas.  I came across this artist’s videos. I also watched one by a girl who was inspired by the same guy (can’t find her video now).  So here was the look I needed!  Rough, grungy, hard and industrial!  I scavenged some pieces of bits and bobs from the garage and my studio, attached them to some heavy cardstock. Mod Podged the foil and started smoothing it out.  I didn’t have any of the cool paints he used, so I mixed my own burnished brown and drybrushed some highlights with turquoise and bright yellow.  I finish coated it with Aleene’s Paper Glaze and let it dry for several days.  I love how it turned out!  I made these other two while I had the supplies out.

The top one is what I sent to my fabulous partner Anna of Frosted Petunias.  In return, I got this super cool Captains of Industry ATC and bonus Witch Tag.  The ATC is a great tribute to the men of the time.  I love the locomotive and the vintage picture at the top! The witch tag is awesome, love that moon face and spiderweb.  I think the witch is the prettiest witch ever :)  Anna was super generous and creative and I really enjoyed the swap, as usual!

On to the next swap, I am sending my matchboxes for the Petite inspiration curiosities swap.  Here is a sneak peek…

I will reveal the ones I receive soon…
Next I’m working on two more swaps and here’s what’s on my desk for those…

fun stuff!  Until next time…

From Sundress to Prairie Skirt

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As the weather is turning cooler here, I’ve been taking stock on my children’s clothing.  I’m making a list of what they need for warmer clothes.  Of course pants from last year are all too short and some shirts are too.  I spent the weekend clearing out my daughter’s closet and came upon this cute sundress that no longer fits.  She and I both love the fabric but the top is too small in the shoulders.  She hated to get rid of it, so I told her I’d try to make something new out of it.  I came up with this skirt.

I turned it into a longer length prairie skirt, it looks so cute with her ugg boots!

Here’s what I did… This dress happened to be lined so I want to keep the fabrics fastened together.  I cut through the top of the dress down the side seam.  Here I stuck it under my serger and sewed and cut at the same time!  I sewed around the dress right at the top where the empire waistline was.  I then folded down the fabric to make a casing for the elastic.  Added elastic and viola!  The top doesn’t have much fabric left to use so it will be tossed. Transformation from too small summer sundress to super hip prairie skirt!  It’s so nice to get extra use out of outgrown clothing!

A wedding gift

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Remember when I won a bunch of graphics from Graphique?  I finally did another project with my winnings.  This time I made 2 wedding gifts for upcoming weddings in October.  These are flour sack towels and I ironed on the Mrs. and Mr. images.  I wish I had a set up for screen printing, but this will have to do for now.

While I had the supplies out, I also made grandparent ones.  This Sunday, the 11th is grandparents day!  I had my kids make hand prints, scanned them, then printed it out on iron on transfer paper and ironed it on.  Again, would’ve been easier with fabric paint and screen printing, but oh well :)

Now I’m off to enjoy the beautiful weather outside!

A gracious gift and a new project in the works…

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My dear friend was out garage saling and came across two big boxes of sewing patterns for FREE!  The lady was down sizing and said they just need to go.  Jenn knows I’m a seamstress and snatched them up and gave them to me! What a friend I say :)  Many of the patterns are very vintage and very cool!  I did take the ones from the 80’s-present and sent them off to the Goodwill.  But I kept all the “good ones” and the vintage ones. I actually rarely use commercial patterns.  I have a huge phobia of the onion skin paper, yuck!  I know it’s weird!  But it rips on me all the time, you can’t fold it nicely, and they rarely fit!  I also just can’t follow the directions!  I guess I have a left brain syndrome or something.  I understand how things are constructed and I get so frustrated when attempting to follow pattern instructions and they do it differently than I would.  When I do use patterns, it’s usually just to get the basic shapes and then I toss out the directions :D  So I’m not sure what I will do with these…? I had to rescue them, but I’m not sure I will use them.  I love the vintage designs… hmmmm?  What to do…?  Does anyone out there have any interest in them?
Now that being said… I have a new project in the works for my wee little fairy muse.  She has decided she wants to be “Tangled” for Halloween.  Like mother like daughter, she noticed the “official” costume pattern in the store wasn’t “just like Rapunzle’s” dress.  So she wants some changes.  I then talked her into making it into a dress she can wear for more than Halloween.  I’m making her this dress in lavender and designing a full length skirt that can be removable.  We are also making “hair” out of fabric connected to a headband. I will have to show pictures as I get into it.  Now she will have a Tangled costume, and a fancy church dress.  The best part, I got the fabric, pattern and notions for under $20 at the Labor Day sale Hancocks had, whoo hoo!