Ok, so I’ve been hearing a lot of people raving about Copic markers. I’ve heard about their great blending properties and awesome colors and airbrushing look…etc. I decided to give them a shot when I got my Michaels rewards email saying they were 25% off.  I jumped in my car and drove the 12 miles to Michaels, they were closed!  So the next day, I loaded the kids in the car and headed there again, 12 miles away.  Now shopping with my kids is NOT fun.  So I went directly to the art supplies with blinders on to keep from getting distracted.  The next disappointment was the color and style choice.  One style (sketch) and only handful of colors in stock, bummer!    But I found 4 that I could maybe work with and headed to check out.  Of course I got distracted by my kids and didn’t realize they did NOT ring up on sale until I’d drove the 12 miles home, grrrr! I had been clear on the dates of the special, she scanned my card, I don’t know what happened but I was not driving back there a third time :(
My seven year old artist daughter was equally excited about trying them out, she even grabbed me the literature flyer by the shelf so we could read about them. She’s good like that :)  We sat down to doodle and color.  I was like, lets try the blending!  So we did, it didn’t work well at all.  It just seemed to be bleeding.  I had printed off a couple cupcake shapes to color and like they claim, it did not smear the printer ink! YAY!  My intelligent daughter suggested we read the literature about blending.  Ah ha! They make a colorless blender pen!  However, the store 12 miles away did not have one in stock, in fact, I’m not sure there was even a shelf space for one?  They did seem to work well for stamping, but I don’t do much stamping.  Granted I only tried them out on plain old printer paper, but I don’t “get” them.  I’m certainly not excited about  obtaining any more at $6-8 a pop!  I do plan on trying them out on some different surfaces like metal, watercolor paper and whatever else is laying around.
Someone please convince me they’re awesome!  Or at least neat?
I’m off to re-read this review post, I think it was the most helpful.

I caved in…

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I’ve been avoiding it, but I finally caved in.  I joined Pinterest, all I need is another online addiction!  Please follow me on my journey of beautiful images!

How I spent my summer vacation

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I’ve been so slack in blogging lately, I guess I have a bit of bloggers block.  I just don’t know what to blog about!  Sometimes at night while trying to fall asleep I write blog posts in my head, (anyone else?) then when I find time to sit down to blog I go blank!  I just can’t think of anything even kind of interesting…sigh.  I also get very distracted and short on time during the summer vacation with my kids out of school.  For some reason they require a lot of attention…LOL.  But I have big plans and lots of motivation for when they return to school! Twenty-one days!
Today I will share some pictures of what has been keeping me busy…

Celebrated the Fourth

Spent a lot of time at the pool swimming and swim lessons

Celebrated a birthday

Had a family water balloon fight

Met some miniature donkeys

Went on vacation

Worked on a nice sized custom order!

Met the newest members of the zoo

Restyled my signature bag!

Sat at many very hot Tball games!

So, you can see I have been busy!  I promise to try and be a better blogger :)

Baby girl subway art

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Baby girl subway art, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

I made this subway art for a baby congrats card I’m giving to my neighbor and their new baby girl.

I have a winner!

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Comment number 5 is the winner of my lavender sachet giveaway….
Congratulations! I will be contacting you see which one you’d like sent your way!  Thanks to everyone who played along!

So this is my 201st post, it’s time for a a giveway!  First off, I want to share with you a prize I won recently on The Blog Guidebook’s 30 day’s of Giveaways.  I won the great prize of 50 images from the cool shop Graphique!  Here’s the description from their shop… “We are so happy to have you stop by. We specialize in old world graphic style digital download images that are done in high quality jpeg or png format for use on burlap, fabric, and just about anything else you can think of.”  I love this prize!  Take a peek at their shop, they have 1200 images!  It took me a couple hours to decide which ones I wanted!  Totally fabulous!  I can think of so many things to use these images for, but my first project was these 4 little lavender sachets.

I used linen fabric and stuffed them with lavender.  They will be great to hang in closets, in your car as an air freshener, give as gifts or package tie ons.  I’m super excited with how they turned out. 

On to the giveaway…
To celebrate my 200th post, I am going to give away one of these sachets…maybe more :)

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment!

Additional chances can be achieved by…
Following me
Mentioning and linking the giveaway on twitter, facebook, your blog etc.
Tell me what you’d use these graphics for
Leave an additional comment for each of these you do to increase your chances.

I will pick a winner on my daughter’s birthday July 17th

Good luck everyone :D

Sharing a scrapbook page

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I just realized this is post #200!  I’d say it’s time for a giveaway, I need to work on that!  My July is sooooo busy, I can’t keep up!  Today I managed to do a scrapbook page layout for Jill, (her kit is on sale and she has a freebie on her blog).  This new kit is so cute!  It’s part of a coordinated series at Scrapdish called Pink Lemonade, you can find Jill’s kit here.  Great for those girly, summer fresh pages :)  Here I scrapped a picture of my daughter and her glasses.