Artful Bag Challenge

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I may not be done with this project but I’m running out of time.  Where did June go? I can’t believe it’s nearly gone!  Anyway… Anna over at Frosted Petunias holds a Artful Bag Challenge every month.  I’ve been wanting to play along for some time now and never made the time.  I did this month!  The challenge was to take an everyday object and alter it to look like a bag.  I’m using that literally “look” like a bag :)  Mine is probably not all that functional, but I like how the idea turned out.

I used 2 old CD’s to create my bag.  I have a huge stack of outdated cd’s that I just don’t know what to do with.  I know you’re not supposed to toss them to the landfill but I haven’t figured out how to recycle them, or reuse them. I took 2 of those cd’s and used my cropadile punch to punch holes about 2/3rds the way around.  Then I laced fabric strips through the holes and braided the handle.  I had plans to dress it up a little more, but since it’s almost the end of the month… I’m not sure if I will get to it in time.  I will post more if I do get it dressed up!

Bloggerette Garden Party

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The Bloggerette Sorority is hosting a garden party, and you’re invited!  Grab a cuppa and tour the beautiful gardens across the land…
Here are some pretties that are blooming in my garden. I live in Lincoln, NE so we are a bit behind the southern states.  Summer is officially here and the plants are loving the weather!

Peonies are my favorite

So lush and full!

Love that pink!

Another favorite but so short lived

I want to frame some poppy pictures for my living room, they match my sofa!

Wall of roses!

My iris garden

My favorite color

This rose is in my 6 year old daughter’s very own flower garden

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to visit the other gardens on the tour!

Blissful ATC received!

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My lovely swap partner AJ sent me a gorgeous wedding themed ATC!  I love that she styled it after her mom’s veil, how special!

Subway art 3 ways…

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I’m so proud of myself for using the subway art ATC in 2 more pieces!  It dawned on me only a week ahead of time that I had a wedding shower to attend for my cousin.  It didn’t even occur to me as I started brainstorming for my June Wedding themed ATC.  I try to only give handmade gifts these days, so I took my chances and looked to Etsy for some great gifts.  I found two fabulous sellers who had the most perfect gifts!  The first store is PeppersAttic I picked out these pretty dish cloths.
They perfectly compliment this bride and groom dish towel from Eye Candy Embroidery.   
To this I added a shadowbox framed 5×7 image of my subway art,
some Meyer’s dish soap and put it all in a matching mixing bowl.   Here is the complete package…
I finished it off with another print of the ATC made into a gift card.
I think it looked so bright and cheery!  It worked so well because these 2 sellers I took a chance on were both very prompt and professional in getting these fabulous gifts to me!  I send them a million thanks and they will stay in my favorites for future reference!  It feels so nice to make some artwork that can be so useful and practical too!

Strawberry Patch

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Strawberry Patch, originally uploaded by amypytlik.
I haven’t done any digital scrapbooking in a LONG time. I had resigned from all the creative teams I was on except for Jill Dzines. She designs kits at my pace ;) I can keep up with her. Anyway, I really miss scrapping! Jill has a new kit out called Celebrate Summer and it has all the perfect colors and elements for scrapping those summer pages. It’s available at Scrapdish and Sunshine Studio Scraps right now, and soon at My Memories.
I hope to back into scrapping on a regular basis and will be sharing those pages here.

Via Flickr:
My daughter at the strawberry patch, picking berries.

Digital kit by Jill Dzines, page mat by M Cato.

Blissfull ATC swap

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This month’s theme for the Blissful ATC swap is Weddings.  How timely, don’t you think?  We all have weddings  to go to in June! My partner this month is the lovely AJ of Missouri Daze.  She and I are practically neighbors LOL! I usually swap with people across the country, not the next state over!  Anyway, as I’ve gotten to know her on her blog, I noticed she is also into digital art.  I’m assuming she would appreciate a digital piece as much as I would.  I decided instead of the whites and lace that are associated with weddings, I’d mix it up a bit.  I’ve been very intrigued by the Subway Art craze and tried my had at it.  Here are some inspirations if you are not familiar with the style. 
So you get the picture…
I also googled what the most popular wedding colors are and turquoise came up.  So I used that color for my ATC.  And here is the finished piece!

Don’t you love it when one piece of art can do multiple jobs?  Stay tuned to see what else I used this design for…

My 6 year old daughter often hangs out in my studio with me.  She is really the artist in the family! So creative and so free…sigh.  I adore her!  She loves it when I sew for her and she loves to create her own paper crafts along side me.  She has started to show an interest in sewing and I think I was about her age when my grandma taught me how to run the machine.  The other day she decided to make an apron.  She went to my scrap pile and found some fleece fabric and started cutting and folding.  Then she asked me to sew up the sides for her and add the band to the back.  I explained that we need to measure her waist and see how big to make that band.  She did the math and cutting.  Her waist is 22 inches and her apron piece was 12 inches so her band needed to be 10 inches.  I stitched the 4 seams for her but the rest of this design was all her!

She also made a handbag.  Again, totally her design (I helped even out some crooked cutting) and I sewed the seams where she told me. 

I’m so proud, can you tell :D  I’m going to clear my schedule and teach her to sew this summer.  My aunt is an avid quilter and is making a quilt design and assembling a kit for us to work on together. I think she will really enjoy it…

Fabric Key fobs

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I mentioned a few posts back that I made key fobs for the Sunday School teachers appreciation gifts.  I didn’t get those photographed, but I did make some more!  I bought the hardware for 10, knowing I would want one for myself as well as the teacher gifts.  They are kind of addictive to make so I guess I should order more hardware! These will be going into my shop in the next few days.  Speaking of shop... I am doing a pretty big shop update this week.  I’ve added several lavender eye masks and pin cushions, as well as the soon to be listed key fobs.

I really enjoyed making these!  I started with this 5 in some of my more popular prints.  They make great gifts for graduation, teacher thanks and the likes.  If you’d like to purchase one before I get them listed just email me.  They will be $5 and $1.50 shipping. 
I considered doing a tutorial for how to make them, but once I Googled it, there are plenty out there :)
My newest invention are these bookmarks.  I’m not sure how to describe them and I’m open to suggestions! 

They are collage meets fabric, meets machine quilting…  I just don’t know, but I think I like them.  I was just messing around with some scraps one day while talking on the phone, a form of doodling I guess?  I came up with this technique and just ran with it.  I’m not sure if they would sell if I listed them?  Any ideas? They are layers of fabric with collaged like assembly, they lie flat so they won’t break a book spine.  I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

A little gift

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I realized I never got around to highlighting some little hostess gifties that were sent in with the buntings for the Spring Bunting Swap.  I need to do that and shout out a sincere thank you!  Here is the first special piece, a Bunting Faerie! From the Bliss Angels faerie Wendy!  Isn’t she charming?  A gracious thank you to Wendy!

I will be back with more later!

And I’m back!

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Did you miss me? hehe.  I missed you guy, and your blogs!  My computer is finally fixed, why does it take so long?  They determined it was not worth fixing, I blew out my hard drive and main board somehow.  I have no idea what happened.  It worked at night, went to bed, broken in the morning.  So after they looked at it for a couple days I got a new one.  Then had to spend DAYS setting it up.  Re-installing hardware and software, restoring my files. Luckily I learned a few computer crashes ago to BACKUP!  I use Carbonite to automatically back my stuff up.  It took a few days but sooooo worth it! I also decided to get a new router and that took a week to get here, then I needed a wireless converter which also took time…blah blah…  In the end I am back in business!  I have 588 unread blogs in my Google Reader HA!  Sorry, but I don’t think I will make it through all of those LOL!
So it’s officially summer vacation for my kiddo’s.  We have been going to parks and getting out as much as we can before the real heat of July kicks in.  In one of my last entries, I mentioned I would share the end of the year teacher gifts with you.  Well, I managed to forget to take pictures!  Oooops!  However, I can share with you the gifts I bought.  I got this one from Etsy seller CambriRae.  I very much enjoyed my shopping experience with her.  She even customized the type on the page clip!  The teachers loved the gift!

I also made some of the teachers fabric key fobs.  I didn’t take any pictures but I’m sure to make some more, it was a fast and easy gift!
Next up, I need to post about the Blissful ATC swap for May.  The theme was “Let’s go to the movies” and my partner was Tina.  She is a bigtime movie buff.  Her ATC was a timely tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.  What a great way to honor her, with art!  This is more than an ATC, it has pieces!  I love it so much. 

 Inside the card is this lovely fold out folio with tributes to a sampling of Liz’s movie career, along with some movie tickets.  This is so original and a great addition to my collection!  Tina was also very generous with her gifties!  She sent me some movie snacks (which I gobbled up at the garage sale I was having the day they arrived hehe) and this gorgeous potholder!  It’s a bag of popcorn! Again, so original!  It’s still hanging in my studio, I’m not ready to use it :)

Well, that’s enough catching up for now. I promise to be back soon!