I’ve been busy making spring themed tags for the “Thinking Spring Tag Book Swap” being hosted by Joanne at Vintage Dragonfly.  When I think of spring I think of all my flowers coming back to life.  I’m an avid gardener and winter tends to get me down.  I can’t wait for spring and see everything back in technicolor!  I love the green grass and new plants popping through the muddy ground.  Then the beauty that follows the warmer weather…flowers!  The icing on the cake!  So I chose to make my 10 tags represent the flowers of the spring.  I used some different techniques (different to me anyway).  I taught myself how to make flowers with ric rac and ribbons, the fabric yo-yo’s and organza flowers I’ve made before.  I started with water color paper and chose a springy colored painted background.  I found it a tad dull, so I used Collage Pauge with sparkles to seal them and brighten up the colors.  Then I went to work forming my flowers.  In the end I still felt it needed something… I tend to “need” a visual boarder around my work (ATC’s, collage, scrapbook pages, tags…) I didn’t think glitter was quite right, nor inking.  I finally decided on a stitched boarder!  It really pulled it all together.

I’m so excited to see what everyone else came up with!  A big thank you goes out to Joanne for hosting, making the covers and assembling the books.  I know that’s a lot of work, but it’s going to cure spring fever for me :D

I love YouTube! Look what I learned today! My life just got easier, I’m off to practice :)

As I mentioned yesterday, we had some LOVE mail!  My daughter and I were paired up with Misty and her daughter.  We got this lovely package in the mail, right on Valentines Day, what a treat!  Along with our ATC cards, we also received this cute cute valentine card.  It’s a pop up, how creative!  My daughter loves it and claims it for her room.

This is the cute butterfly ATC that Rubes made for my daughter.  They were a quite a good pair!  Rubes sent a letter to Jade and told her about herself and they have lots in common :)  Including butterfly love… 

And here is the great ATC I got from mom Misty!  I’m so into bunting/banners right now, how appropriate!  I love it.  The delicate inking and stitching, really makes this piece special! 

As an additional bonus… they gifted these extra heart punches!  How cool, they will help jump start many more projects for us :)  Can’t wait to play!  Thanks girls, we love it all!

And…we’re back!

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Whew, what a month it’s been.  Back to back illnesses, yuck!  But we’re all back to health and happiness.  Just in time for the February Blissful ATC swap, and this month with a bonus… the kids joined in :)  Wendy organized a kid to kid swap, brilliant idea!  My daughter had a blast making ATC’s with me.  It also helped pass the time when she was feeling icky and filled up a couple snow days too.  We made a bunch of ATC’s and these are the ones we chose to send off to our partners.  I will keep it a secret of who is getting which ATC.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten them mailed yet, so we’ll keep that part a surprise :) 

There they are!  We got a package in the mail today from one of our partners and I’m waiting for her to get home from school to open it.  I will post pictures tomorrow!  Until then, have a Happy Valentines Day, full of chocolate :D