Valentine’s Teacher Gifts

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Thought I’d share a little “how to” on what I made for the kids teachers.  I didn’t do anything for Christmas because our school encourages us to “give” to the food bank back pack program for kids instead of the teachers. I think that’s so awesome!  But I want to remember the teachers in some small way so why not Valentines?  I made these decorated clothes pin clips. 

Here’s my simple little how to in case you don’t know how easy it is to dress these up.  First you find some scrapbook paper, clothes pins, exacto knife, Mod Podge, ink pad, sanding sponge, strong glue, buttons and optional button magnets.
The first step is to spread Mod Podge on the back side of the paper.  Then you cover your clothes pin with a coat and lay them on top of the coated paper.  Once dry, take your exacto knife and cut around the clothes pins.  Then sand the edges, ink the edges and make sure it dries at least overnight or it will smudge.  Put on a top coat of Mod Podge and let dry.  Next I added the button magnets to the back. Then topped off with a button embellishment.  I made the card I attached them to in Photoshop, but you could hand make one as well. 

Teachers can use these all over their classrooms or at home.  I use them as chip clips too, therefore skipping the magnet.

What are you making for Valentine’s?

Thinking Spring Tag Book swap!

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I’m a follower of the beautiful blog Vintage Dragonfly, and not just because it has the word dragonfly in it ;)  If you don’t know, I am obsessed with dragaonflies and have them tattoo’d in various places of my body… but anyway.  Joanne has a wonderful since of style and art and she’s hosting a swap!  I haven’t done a swap for awhile and it’s always such a great way to get inspired.  I’m ready for spring myself and looking forward to getting started on my tags!  Looks like there’s still time to sign up, so head on over there and get your name in! Let’s make spring get here a little faster :D

January Blissful ATC swap

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Hello friends!  Just stopping in here today to show off the gorgeous ATC I got all the way from Canada.  Marlene made this beauty for the Jan Blissful ATC swap.  The snow texture on this is so beautiful!  Amazing!  And guess what? She doesn’t have a blog!  We need to convince her to give it a try :)

Besides being so talented, she’s also very generous!  She sent me not just this ATC but TWO others!

It was a great swap :D

Now here’s a little glimpse of some new items going into my shop, my newest obsession!  Fabric flowers.  These beauties have been on my to do list for quite some time now, finally getting to them.  I’m so sad I waited this long!  I’ve made a few dozen of them and have more colors to add to the collection.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this week, tell me what you’ve made!

With Love ATC

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With Love ATC, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

Just stopping in to show what I’ve been up to. I’ve been experimenting some more with free motion machine quilting. This is the favorite piece I’ve made. I may use it for the swap…or just make some more :)

Hooded Bath towel tutorial!

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Hello and welcome to my first tutorial on this blog!  I’ve been talking and talking about it and now it’s time to get this thing published!  We are going to learn to make a hooded bath towel, my version.  I’m kind of picky about my hooded towels, I don’t like a floppy hood.  I’ve made these for my own kids as babies and they are still using the same ones 5-6 years late.  This more fitted hood makes it more versatile.  It fits newborns and older kids.  My version is slightly different from other tutorials on the subject.  So here is my take…
What you need:
1 hand towel
2 bath towels
Ruler or straight edge
Scissors or Rotary cutter and mat
sewing machineThis will make TWO finished towels and the option to toss in a bonus piece, which makes a very generous shower gift!

We are going to start with the hand towel.  Fold the edges into a triangle as shown below. Over lapping the selvage edge of the towel for future seam allowance. This will tell you where you are going to make your cut.
Once they are folded, place your ruler about 1 inch lower than the towel edges, this will allow for seam allowance.
Cut following the ruler.
Next we are going to repeat that process for the other edge of the towel.  Move to the left edge and fold them into a triangle as shown below.
Again, line the ruler up parallel to the edge and allow a 1 inch seam allowance.
Cut, following the ruler.  Don’t throw out the middle piece, we can make a burp cloth out of it! (more to come)
Take the piece we just cut, open up the folds so it lays flat. Making sure to have the right sides of the fabric facing up. We want to refold it, this time putting the raw edges together into the triangle shape.   Leaving the selvage edge of the towel alone.
Should look like this.
Move to the sewing machine, we are going to stitch that triangle shut following the pinned edge.
Refold so the pins are on the right side and ready to stitch.
Stitch from end to end.

Then refold into the triangle shape, next we are going to take care of those raw edges so they don’t fray and ravel away. Stitch them down to the single layer of the towel.  You will barely see a top stitching on the right side of the hood when complete, but it will keep those edges intact.

Here is where you stitch

About half way in the seam allowance. Go as close as you can to the “point” of the hood, you won’t make it all the way in but close enough.

When you’ve done both sides, it will look like this. Turn right side out.
It’s time to embellish!  For this one I just chose an ivory eyelet to sew along the edge, simple enough to pin in place and stitch.  You can get pretty creative here but I’ll leave that for another tutorial, ruffles, lace, ribbons, fabric strips…you name it, embellish it!
Next move to the bath towel.  Fold in half, matching the short edges to find your center point
and mark it with a pin.
Unfold the towel, wrong side up.
Take your embellished hood and line up the center seam with the pin marked center on the bath towel.
Overlap the seam allowance and pin in place.
The final step is to just stitch the hood to the towel.  I usually double stitch it, following close to the the selvage edge of the hand towel and then close to the edge of the bath towel.  So the 2 seams are about 1/2 and inch apart and parallel to each other. See next picture

Click to enlarge.

Now you’re finished.  Repeat steps for the second towel and present as the best baby gift ever!
Since waste make haste… We don’t want to toss out that center piece we cut from the hand towel. You can straight stitch or serge the edges and use as a cleaning rag, or make it cuter and use as a burp cloth. I like to reuse everything, so I’m using the back side of a Tshirt that was damaged on the front.  I’ve cut it so it lays flat.

Take the center leftover piece and lay on top of the tshirt.  Cut the Tshirt to the same size as the leftover piece as shown in the pictures.

Now this is my last picture because the rest were “corrupt” what ever that means, but I think you can figure the rest out.  Here you have options.  If you have a serger, just stitch all four edges together and call it good.  If you don’t, then you can straight stitch around three edges and leave one open to turn the pieces right side out.  Then stitch the 4th side shut.  Follow with a top stitching around the perimeter for a finished piece.

Thank you for following along! I hope you found this helpful, I’d answer questions and try to clarify anything if you need help.  I’m glad I finally took the time to share my version of the hooded towel with you.  I’ve used so many tutorials on blogs and feel it’s time to give back.  I used to sell some tutorials on ebay back in the day.  I may get those out and repost them here to share as well :)

Two Treasuries to share

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I have the privlege being selected for two treasuries!  They are so pretty I just had to share :)
My altered snowman is featured in this Snow Day treasury by Fine and Funky Jewelry.  Good timing as it is a snow day here!

The second one is this super cute Red Gingham treasury, so classic, I love it!  This one was creatively put together by Lynchgirl and features by gingham tomato pin cushion!

As always, it’s such an honor to have your pieces selected by fellow Etsians, thank you!

Happy Birthday dear Carolyn!

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My dear friend Carolyn is having a birthday today!  We don’t need to know what number she’s on, it’s so unimportant!  The details we do need to know are as follows… She’s having a cyber beach party and I was invited! Yay me!  Carolyn throws the BEST parties! You see I know this because we’ve been blog friends from way back when we just started blogging.  She’s quite the blogger and crafter, she’s also celebrating her 500th post!  So stop on over there and give her some praise. 
The invitation states that I am to show my dream outfit, date and what I virtually gift to her…how fun.  I LOVE cyber window shopping!  So here we go.. (all images linked to the items and of course I shopped on ETSY!)
My outfit is this gorgeous skirt…
(I really WANT/NEED this skirt)
worn over this amazing swim suit…
with these hand made sandals…That’s my simple outfit
Her gift is this cool “C” basket stuffed with Magpie items :)
This cute Tshirt
paired with this cute necklace
The creative type like Carolyn always needs a journal on hand to jot important ideas, sketches and of course day dreams…
I’m also including the beautiful Magpie print for her wall.  I hope she likes my gifts :)
I was also supposed to include my dream date, well this mama needs a break and I headed to the beach party flying solo!  No one to entertain but myself, I get to mingle and relax the entire time :)  I think I’ll find a nice quiet hammock to crash on after the party…
But until then, I’m off to mingle and enjoy myself.  Lovely party Carolyn, wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

White Wonderland

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White Wonderland, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

I got my ATC done early this month! I was really struggling with ideas too. I didn’t know where to take this month’s theme. I ended up being inspired by the supplies. I searched through my stash looking for white and then it hit me! I had this ivory velvet ribbon that I scalloped the edges and then decided to print Wonderland on it, it only took 3 tries to get it to work LOL! I got the paper from a previous swap partner and I sprayed some glimmer mist on the paper flowers to add some shimmer. Viola! I love how it turned out and I hope my partner Marlene (no blog) does too. Happy winter everyone!

Happy New Year!

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Hello! I’m back from the Holidays and full of creative energy!  It feels good. I didn’t share my last handmade Christmas gift.  I just found the photos, I had mentioned I was going to make lavender eye masks/pillows. Here are the 5 I made for my yoga teacher co-workers.

 and how I wrapped them in hand stamped wrapping paper :)

I used up the rest of my flax seeds and I’m listing some in my shop.  They are really fun to make since they smell soooooo good!  I’m really enjoying the one I made for myself too ;)  It’s great to nuke it for about 15-20 seconds then just relax…. ahhhhh.
 I’m working on the tutorial for the hooded bath towel now, as I promised in the new year.  I have some tutorial ideas floating around in my head I just need to get them onto the blog!  I also have spring cleaning fever, that never happens!  I feel the urge to purge and clean out my creative nook and the house actually.  Must be the winter blahs I suffer from, we need to get some snow so it actually feels like winter and not just dreary cold.
So I’m not really one for resolutions so I don’t have a post about that.  I make lists all the time about stuff I want to accomplish/work toward it’s an ongoing process, not something that I can start and stop at the years beginning.  It is a good time to reflect about the past year and be thankful for all that has happened or didn’t happen (however you want to look at it :) I’ve made a bunch of wonderful, new blog friends, and I really appreciate the “old” pals that still stop by even after my year long blogging sabbatical.  THAT’s amazing, and truly appreciated.  I’m hoping for even more friendships to form in 2011.  Now I’m off to visit you guys!