Happy Holidays!

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Peace and Harmony in the New Year!

Awesome mail day!

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I love getting art in the mail!  Today I got my gorgeous ATC from Simply Debbie.  It’s so blingy!  I love it.  A vintage angel card with glitter accents and then she added a button border and more glitter, so awesome! Since she is such a thoughtful swap partner, she sent these awesome “scraps” and packaged it all in a lovely Christmas card (that I forgot to photograph).  The tree and snowflake paper are flocked, how cool is that! Thanks Debbie! 

As a total surprise… Sherry from Createology sent this lovely Christmas tag!  The blogging world is so generous and thoughtful.  It really made my day, thank you! Now the question is, do I keep it for me? Or tie it to a gift…?  That’s a tough one, but I’ll probably keep it :D

So how are those last minute gifts coming along?  Is it a handmade holiday for you this year? I made as much of my gifts as I can.  My kids of course want the toys they see on tv ;)  But they also got handmade items.  I found out about a grab bag gift exchange this weekend I wasn’t expecting.  Just as I thought I was completely done shopping, creating AND wrapping LOL!  But never fear, I whipped together a couple items with stuff I already had on hand!  I really impressed myself with this one, the last thing I wanted to do was head back to the stores.  Even if it was the craft or fabric store!   Anyway, I made a couple fleece cowls/neckwarmers for other people this year and thought that would do well in a gift exchange.  I used an ivory colored fleece so it was gender neutral.  Sorry I don’t have any pictures…yet.  I need a model!  The other item I made was a cute “heirloom” tomato pin cushion.  My aunt is a quilter and I’m sure she’ll want this!  I got so sick of my plain old red and green mass manufactured tomato looking pin cushion!  I figured out how to make a new one.  I then went crazy as I tend to do, and made 5 more.  I thought this gingham print was a cutie and I wrapped it up.  The other 4 shall hit my shop here soon too…

That about wraps up tonight’s post, finally, I know, I know…
I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas as I probably won’t be back on here until the new year!  Take time to enjoy the moments :)

It snuck up on me, it’s the 15th, time to send my ATC to this month’s swap partner.  Luckily I had mine done, just needed glued to the background card.  I just mailed it off tonight.  I have been curious to try my hand at free motion machine quilting.  There is quite a fuss going around blogland and honestly I was first introduced to this art in college (mid 90’s).  I was really inspired by these projects at Crescendoh.  I think I’m addicted now!  I have more ideas going through my head than I have time for.  The theme this month was Angels, my interpretation was to tie it into Christmas.  I roughly drew and Angel on my fabric and then went to town with my machine.  I really need to get the correct presser foot attachment.  I don’t have one so I just completely removed mine and it left my fingers very vulnerable to getting stitched!  Luckily no blood was shed, but I don’t want to press my luck!  It doesn’t show up real well in this picture, but I used some iridescent fabric to patch in the wings, and then glued on the “hope” tag. Finished it off with a little tea staining.  

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to try my hand at making a camera strap slip cover for my DSLR.  I used this tutorial as my inspiration, but of course I can’t follow directions to the tee!  I had to make some changes, I don’t know why I do that?  Anyway it worked out great! The first one I did, I decided I didn’t like the color combination I used. I had a solid, accent color as the liner and it showed too much on the stitched edge.  I made the blue one for me, and the pink one for my step mom for Christmas. 

The little things I changed were to make mine narrower.  My strap is only 1.5″ wide, I was worried that a 2″ cover would slip around and I wanted mine to fit tight.  Then I also didn’t like that the seam was only on one edge, it looked off balance to me.  So I added a top stitching to the folded edge to make it more symmetrical.  I used the same fabric for both the outside and the lining.  Nothing too major, a great project!
I’ve really enjoyed getting these great ideas from other people’s tutorials. My first goal of the new year is to write some of my own, we all have great tips and it’s so nice to share!

The best smelling package arrived on my door step this week!  As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to try my hand at making lavender eye masks.  I ordered some dried lavender buds and they arrived!  The package smelled so beautiful even before I opened it.  I bought a pound of them, not knowing how much I needed.  A pound of these beauties is A LOT! I don’t mind though, extra will certainly be fun to play with and smells yummy :)  It’s been fragrancing my little nook, and in fact, then entire basement.  I have the masks sewn and now I’m anxiously awaiting my flax seeds to finish the project, pictures will follow…
In the mean time… I did get a chance to make the camera sleeve I also mentioned.  I used a pattern I saw in Sew it All magazine.  It was a really easy to follow pattern and fit the camera perfectly!

I got my play room back!

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Bet you didn’t even know I lost it LOL!  The place I play, I like to call my creative nook.  It is in no means a studio, space, loft or even a room.  There is no camera angle or fancy wording that could even make you envision that it is.  I create in a VERY SMALL space.  A corner of our basement is sectioned off to hide my creativeness (mess).  The space is 6 feet wide by 8 feet long AND I share it with my darling daughter, who is the real artist by the way.  We both have a 2×4 foot table on one side of the nook and shelves everywhere! LOL!  I took this picture from about 3 feet outside the nook so it actually looks bigger than it is. 

Anyway, months ago we painted the rest of the basement and left the nook for when I wasn’t pushing a deadline… so it sat and sat and sat.  Finally, craft show season came to an end and I needed to clean out the space anyway, so I made my hubby get in there and get it painted.  I was out of it for about a week, and had serious withdrawls!  I bought that big white shelf a the far end to help hold “some” stuff and now I don’t know how I fit without it?  I also realized I have never changed the lightbulbs down here since we built the house 10 years ago!  I invested in 4 new bulbs as well and hope that gives me some new light, as you can guess, that tiny window does not help :)  So project is over and I’m moved back in and this is the cleanest it will ever be again!
I have so many ideas itching inside me too!  Nothing to do for a week but sit and think what I “could” be doing.  I want to try my hand at a camera strap cover like this one.  If it turns out I want to give my step mom one for Christmas.  I also want to make a headband like this one.  I also teach yoga and sometimes barrettes get smashed into my scalp.  I think I need to switch to a fabric head band LOL!  So I’m giving that a try.  For my fellow yoga teachers I want to make lavender and flax seed eye pillows.  Haven’t searched tutorials for that one yet, I think I can figure that one out ;)  I also want to make a camera sleeve for my aunt. My siblings and I went in together to update her camera.  It’s so cute and tiny! I think it needs a sleeve for protection and just to make it cute. So I have a lot to do before Christmas!
I also need to get started on my December Blissful ATC swap, my partner is Simply Debbie and I have ideas rolling around my mind for that as well.  The theme this month is appropriately, angels.
My Etsy shops have been doing great!   My glitter snowflake has made TWO recent treasuries, how cool is that?

I’m so honored, they are both so pretty and inspiring!  Well, I will be back when I make some progress! 

Catch up!

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I’ve been MIA again!  I actually wrote out a really long and nice post 10 days ago and then blogger wouldn’t let me add pictures and I gave up :(  But I’m here to give it another try, I miss my few readers! :)  I hosted Thanksgiving at my house this year so I spent a fair amount of time prepping for that.  It turned out to be a very nice day, despite a few minor glitches…  I didn’t realize I own exactly 9 forks!  I had a set of 24 but some seem to have moved out of the house!  I invited 24 people over and as we got ready to eat (buffet style) there were no forks! Aaaack!  I scrounged up a few plastic ones and made the smaller kids use the toddler sized ones and we made it through, but what a time to realized this! Duh!  I promise to be better prepared next time :)  The other glitch was that my dad had a heart glitch.  He won’t let me call it a heart attack because technically there was no damage by it and therefore not technically a heart attack.  But he and my stepmom canceled their reservations for dinner with us and went to the ER.  He had a stint put in on Friday and was back at work on Monday!  All is well, happy ending!
I have been keeping busy with my previously mentioned Year in Review books for the grandparents.  I’ve been digi scrapping my fingers off!  It’s been alot of fun to look back at the year and relive those memories, but every year I promise myself I will keep up and not wait to the last minute to put the books together :D  This year was no different and to top it off, Shutterfly moved their “Sale” deadline up a week.  Usually you have until the 1st week in Dec to order with their good sale prices but this year they made it the end of Nov.  However, I pursued and made it just in the nick of time.  Here is my book below


 I also “decorated” the house for Christmas, I use the term decorated loosely.  I’m such a bah humbug about it, I really don’t enjoy the process at all. You’d assume with my crafty inklings that I would enjoy it, but not at all.  I hate the dreaded “getting the huge boxes out of my tiny storage room” process.  I don’t care to dust around the added clutter, and really don’t like the added clutter around my house.  I am not one to wind boughs of evergreen around my staircase and poinsettias in every room.  I really just put up a small tree (a white feather one this year) and embellish my mantle.  The weather turned so cold so fast that we only got one set of lights on the outside of the house this year too!  But I like to make a small effort for the kids to enjoy and get them in the spirit.  I really enjoy seeing everyone else in bloglands grand efforts of decorating!  I envy your spirit and motivation!  The tours are nice inspiring as I cruise the internet :)  I will be visiting everyone soon, my google reader has 353 unread blog posts! YIKES, sooner or later I’ll get around to everyone.  If you leave me a comment here, I’ll hit yours next ;)
Until next time…