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What an idea!  A Blog Guide Book!  It’s about time someone put something together like this, yay!  It drives me crazy when I google for blogs and just because 1 post mentions the word I’m searching they pop up on the search as a match.  When in reality the blog is nothing like what I’m looking for.  Blog Guide Book has categories to search, genius!  And the best part… for a few more days you can get your blog listed for free!  So head on over there and do what I’m doing! Good thing I finally got that button finished :)

In other news… I had the most productive day!  I made a bunch of stuff today and also took pictures AND listed most of it!  I feel so complete! If I can have another day like this tomorrow I will be overjoyed!  Getting those kiddos back in school sure helps out. (hehe) Here are some pictures of what I did..

The top two bags are already in my store.

That’s about all I have for now, however, I think it’s about time I have another giveaway… what do you think?

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I finished my blog button! It’s been in progress for months, finally had the inspiration to finish…whew! 
I also received my ATC from Debbie for the August Blissful ATC swap!  I LOVE it, I wish I could live at Sunny Cove, quiet little countryside :)  Debbie you did a great job on your first one!  Impressive!  Now you’ll be addicted LOL!  Ok, so I’m off to visit everyone else and check out their ATC’s.

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I made a blog button!  I’ve been working on it for months and tonight I finally finished it. I’m testing it here to see if it works, fingers crossed!

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I am not sure what setting I messed with but I’ve lost the Title section! What the heck? Anyway…
I’m popping in here today to show off my ATC for the Blissful ATC swap. The theme for the month of August was orange. I was inspired by the color orange and used it in my background. It’s hard to read in the picture but the quote is a Chinese proverb. “A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song” I love that quote and I hope my swap partner Debbie does too! Can’t wait to see the one from her :)
If you think this looks like fun, hope over to the Blissful ATC blog and join in the fun!

The gals there are starting a new challenge I can’t wait to take part in.

An ATC box challenge, what a great idea. I would like to keep the ATC’s I collect from this swap separate from my other ATC’s. So making a box or other holding system is a great idea! Way to go ladies and count me in!

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Hello there! Not much news here. We are in the middle of the dog days of summer and a 110 degree heat index marathon! YUCK! Pretty much just hanging out inside, getting ready for school to start and having a couple trips to the pool to cool off. Craftiness has been slow. I’m working on some Scrabble Tile pendants. I got the best ready made designs for them here at Cupcake Cutiees. How easy is that? I will post when they are fully assembled. I designed a new tote bag but it’s been too hot to go out and take pictures, how’s that for lazy! LOL!
The biggest news I have today is to share a giveaway with you. Karen at Some Days Are Diamonds is hosting a giveaway. She’s the “head” Blogerrette of the Sorority.

Head on over there and get yourself entered!