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I’ve returned from vacation! I had a great time in Dallas, visiting my brother and sister in law. My kids thought the drive was LONG and it was! 12 hours! My daughter’s exact words “driving was a bad choice, we should’ve flown” LOL! I agree, but it’s not in the budget ;)
We did lots of kid oriented activities, Dallas Zoo, World Aquarium, spray park, and some shopping! My son was really excited he got to ride the train. Fun times!
Now that I’m back and unpacked, I’m getting ready to list some new items in my Etsy shop. I’m starting to think about the August ATC swap. I’m scouring for orange inspiration. I have a couple other projects I’m thinking thru. Does anyone else do that? It takes me weeks sometimes to work thru a piece. I get inspiration, then think about construction, then go back to design, then back to construction, finally I start putting it in action, sometimes have to start all over again. No wonder everything takes me forever! ugh!

The final thing I want to share is Caps of Courage. Carol is from my town, Lincoln NE. I don’t know her at all, I just saw an editorial in the paper about her and thought it was worthy of sharing. She being a cancer survivor three times over, has designed hats that are sophisticated but still fun and attractive! Check her products out and be sure to pass the word, what a great business! These would make a great gift if you are unfortunate enough to know someone struggling through cancer.
Ok, that’s all I have for now, I’ll be back soon!

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Hello! I’ve been a bit quiet lately but behind the computer I’ve been busy preparing for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. Actually, she’s having 2 parties! One for her friends at the zoo and another swim party for her family. Yesterday she spent the day with her BFF, it’s an annual thing we do. They get to have a play date, I get them matching outfits and they get their pictures taken together. This year I decided to make the outfits. Only I decided this on Monday and the pictures were on Thursday morning! So I had to get my act together quickly and get a design and fabric picked out asap. I searched the web for twirl skirt patterns and decided this one here was the easiest and looked like what I was looking for. I do have a degree in fashion design so I suppose I should’ve been able to figure this out on my own, but here the measurements and math are already worked out! I changed a few things with the construction, I’m really bad at following patterns, I end up doing it my own way everytime. For one, I did a 1/8 inch rolled hem instead of 1 inch. I also decided the top stitching was easier before putting the elastic in. But all in all it was an easy pattern/instructions to follow and I highly recommend giving it a try. My outfits turned out adorable!

AND! While I’ve been sewing I got some great news in my inbox! Michelle over at This Crazy Life has been having the most amazing giveaways! Guess who won! ME YAY! I love my prize too! I won the Pixel by Pixel giveaway. And this is what I won, a premade business card design sent to me to print. So I have my prize and uploaded it to have it printed (at a different company) and I’m now anxiously awaiting for the product to arrive :) I love the design, it just happens to match my newly re-designed blog!
So real people do win! Head on over to This Crazy Life and have a shot at it! She has some fabulous new giveaways going on right now and then peek at her upcoming list… I’m trying not to be greedy, I’ll stop entering…sigh. Ok, I’m off to get ready for the 2 parties tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

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Happy belated 4th! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I did, especially since the crappy weather did NOT manage to ruin it for us!
Well I seem to have my blog almost back in order. All I tried to do was make it a 3 column blog and I messed it up BIG time LOL! Then I lost the original code and blah blah blah. Once I was that far into it I decided it was time for a make over anyway! So I used these FREE graphics from my good friend Bonnie. She does great digital work go check out her products! I’d love to hear how you like it. Do the colors work? Is it easy to read, that sort of thing.
I want to share a few things I’ve recently bought off of Etsy. I’m going to try to make this a re-occuring post called “The Good Stuff” I think it’s important to share where to get GOOD stuff from! And supporting fellow Etsians is also important! After being forced out of my “corporate job” due to downsizing and “someone, somewhere else can do it cheaper” I’m really against big corporations sucking my money out of me. The small business owner working for themselves is where I like to spend my dollar :) So here’s what I’ve found recently…

First off I bought this incredible lotion from Cassia Garden. The product smells so good, I love the earthy hippie smell! She generously donated this lotion to the Help the Gulf Coast store, and that’s where I bought it from. The shipping was fast and I was contacted right away, assuring me she got my order, great service.

Have to you been to this store? What an amazing place, you can get just about everything at this one shop and it ALL helps the Gulf area! Check out their blog and see how much money has been raised, it makes me so proud that there are that many caring people out there! Then go browse the shop, new stuff is added daily. I finally subscribed to the store feed so I wouldn’t miss anything ;)
Next up is Little Batch Botanicals. As you can guess, I have a thing for lotions and creams!

I am a repeat shopper of this store and I have NOT been disappointed! Yum Yum! I have bought the Lilly, Plumeria, Violet, Apricot plum creams and they all smell delish. My favorite is the Lilly however :) I also tried the Mandarin orange lip balm, yum! She sent me a sample of the Lilly perfume oil and that hooked me on the fragrances too…eeek! Doggonit! As I’m linking up this post I see she has some new stuff I want LOL!

This was a little impulse splurge of mine. I love Tim’s Sally’s work! I admire the style it’s so free. Anyway, when I saw she’s offering pendants I had to get one :) I love wearing handmade jewelry and wearing a piece of art is even cooler! Go check out her shop and her website!

Well, that’s about it for this addition of “The Good Stuff” I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of my favorites here from time to time. I’d love it if you linked me up with some of your favorite purchases! I wanna be in the know!

Under construction

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Just an FYI, I’ve been working on changing my blog layout and design, I’ve lost my original code and I’m having problems with the new set up. So stopping by here you will probably get the blog in various states of revisions :) Stay tuned for the new look!

My latest project

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I’ve been in a sewing mood lately. I seem to sway from technique to technique and I really need to find my thing. But it’s just not coming to me. So this week has been sewing. I’m a yoga teacher and I finally bought my own yoga mat. Then I carried it tied up with a scrap of fabric for months while I shopped for a bag. Just didn’t find what I wanted, so I made one! I’ve been carrying it to and from classes for awhile now and I get a lot of comments on it. I figured out I had enough of this fabric to make some more. So I did, two more :) Now it’s listed in my Etsy shop.