Got some scrapping done!

June 7th, 2008 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (4 Comments)
I’ve been busy scrapping today, sshh, don’t tell hubby! Well, go ahead, I also had the kids from sun up to sun down all by myself while he worked until 11pm, I scrubbed my floors on the main level, steam cleaned my living room carpet, did HIS work clothes laundry, 2 loads in the dishwasher…and on and on. I’ve gotten behind on Bonnie’s CT stuff so I buckled down tonight, hoping a storm didn’t kick me off the puter! Here are the pages I did for her…

With her Happy Endings kit

Her Stealing Beauty kit

And By the Moonlight These are all brand new kits in her store at Snap and Scrap, go check them out!

This one is a bit out of my comfort zone… something new I tried. I’ve been seeing these boxes all over the galleries and wanted to try one out and I got the chance at Scrapdish. Caroline B has some great sets out! I used a bunch of other stuff too, credits in my gallery.
That’s about it for tonight, I’m tired and ready for bed :)

As promised!

June 3rd, 2008 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (5 Comments)

I got my birds and bonnets photo’d! I totally love my piece. It truly is amazing how so many different artists can take the same images and create totally different pieces! I scored pieces from Marilyn Butler, Ann Tatum, Cheryl Stoneham and Bethany Hissong. All I can say is it’s gorgeous!

And… I am the proud winner of Karla’s drawing for swap prizes! I won one of the clutches! Yippee! The pictures totally don’t do it justice, it’s goregous. I can’t wait to use it! And… of course they didn’t send it empty! It had a pair of opera gloves and some blingy pearls inside SCORE! How thoughtful! My almost 4 year old daughter thinks she needs the pearls, we’ll have to discuss that later lol!
So I’ve also decided who I shall bestow with the awards I was honored with…drumroll please…OK it’s Karla and Beth for all their hard work they put into the swap! And they both have excellent blogs, they post often and have lots of interesting things to share. Definately deserving!!!! So congrats ladies and thanks again for the swap and goodies! It really is hard to choose someone for these awards as everyone in blog land is so kind and thoughtful. However, I this choice was determined by the timing :)

Great mail day!

June 2nd, 2008 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (3 Comments)

Whoop whoop! The mail has been good to me! First of all I can show you my fab find on Etsy. We celebrated my mom’s birthday last night and I bought her gifts on Etsy of course! I’m sure she’s getting tired of pictures of my kids for every holiday so I went out on a limb this time lol! I bought her this pendant. photo taken right from the Teresa’s store, mine wouldn’t be so pretty! She was so generous, she sent me a second one free! So my mom got a gift and so did I! Can’t beat that!

Then I found this card for her in a shop called EnFluer. Once again, her photo as she’s a great photographer!

Then I was snooping along the time machine, yes it does work, and I found a mermaid ATC for my dd! I’ve mentioned before what a big mermaid fan she is. So I snatched it up out of Wendy’s store, to add to her ATC collection.So that’s my little shopping spree!

I’ve also been gifted an award by my friend Carolyn from across the big pond! How nice of her to think of me, especially since I haven’t been around much lately!

Again, so thoughtful of her! Of course she rightfully deserves a kind blogger award, as well as an Excellent blogger award, she just hit her 250th post! You go girl! LOL! And last but not least….drumroll please! Today the mail brought me my swap package from Beth and Karla’s birds and bonnets swap! Yippee! My project is awesome! I am now off to take pictures of my swap and figure out who in blogland will be the next winners of the awards :) And of course get ready for work and clean my bathroom….boo!