I’m doing better at this! Less than 2 weeks since my last post! My life has been pretty eventful… I’ve been sick since May 4th, my son has been sick for a month now, and he broke his arm last week! My daughter has had her spring dance recital and end of the year swim class party, and a performance for the end of the year at her preschool, so busy, busy am I! But that makes for lots of pictures to capture in a scrapbook right? YAY! Just thought I’d pop in here and show you a couple things I’ve done recently. I made these journals for my daughter’s preschool teachers. I used the complimentary images I got from The Vintage Workshop for participating in Beth and Karla’s Birds and Bonnet swap. My daughter helped with the glitter, she calls it sparkles, and she picked out the ribbon. In her world there is only one color, and it’s pink. And I did a couple scrapbook pages for my creative teams. This first one is for Bonnie. Full credits in my gallery. This one is for Scrapdish. See credits here.
I did some shopping on Etsy today too but I bought mymom’s birthday gift so I can’t share yet what I bought! After June 3rd lol! That’s about it for now :0)

MIA again!

May 12th, 2008 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (4 Comments)

This spring weather has really had me outside, I love it! I’ve also been battling a stomach flu and then a head cold, back to back. Ugh! I never get sick but when I do… We also lost my husband’s grandmother last week. She was 92 and was tired and ready to go but we still miss her. I wish I knew how many pot holders that woman crocheted in her lifetime. She could crochet in her sleep I believe. I myself own at least a dozen of her potholders and I’ve only been in the family for 13 years. She made my kids baby blankets and we have an afkan that she made for our wedding gift. I really love these gifts the most! I always thought it would be fun to open an Etsy shop for her! She could do the work and I’d list and mail her creations out, I bet she’d get such a kick knowing that people were buying her work! My DH did some great journal ling on my family blog about the matriarch. I decided his words needed preserved and I made a scrapbook page about it for my kids albums.
And I’ve finished my project for Beth and Karla’s Birds and Bonnet swap! I don’t know why I procrastinated so bad on it, once I got going I whipped them out lickity split! The Vintage Workshop images were so inspiring, it was easy peasy! My dd even had a go at it lol! I’ll have to wait until the 6 oz of glue dry before I post her project :) I did one side of the panel digitally and one side “paper”. Here are the paper sidesand here are the digital sides…

I’m having a garage sale this weekend so I know I won’t be back before then! Hopefully it won’t be another month, but thanks for stopping by! I have to get ready for work now :)