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I’m checking in! Long time no see! Anway, as I’d said I’ve been having problems with my internet service and wireless network and I seem pretty stable now but…I’m changing internet providers on Wednesday anway. So hopefully I’m not jumping out of the pot and into the fire lol! I had some time to do some scrapping and wanted to show you some pages I did for Bonnie!

I used her new kits Lazy Hazy Days and Mixed Bunch. You can see full credits in my gallery
So in other news…I have a bad case of spring fever! We’ve been teased with some nice weather and it’s driving me crazy because it keeps turning cold again! I have some crocus flowers blooming and that means spring is almost here yay! I want to snap some pictures of those today. My son has strep throat right now so the past few days have been spent holding him. I’m having some tummy troubles today so it will be a lazy day for us :) My daughter’s preschool is on spring break so our schedule is all messed up this week. I’m such a creature of habit that I get off my scheduled and then can’t get back into things. Maybe I can get caught up on housework haha! My job is going well. I’m very excited to find out that I am eligible for health insurance as a partime employee! Even for my family! That is such a big deal for us. Up until the first of the year my dh and I were both self employed and we have an individual policy and it’s quite pricey and we have a $3000 deductible! So now we will have a better plan with vision and dental and I can afford it with my part time hours! who hoo! Such a relief! My husband can get insurance for himself from work but adding us makes it completely unaffordable so it will be a blessing to have us all on the same plan! It’s just one of those thing in life that makes you think it’s all meant to be, ya know.
That’s about all that’s new here, we’ve been spending the nice days in the backyard and the not so nice ones working :) Thanks for sticking around!

Still around!

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Just a quick post to say I’m still here but busy! I’ve been doing some surfing and checking in when I can. I’ve been working on my computer network too and it’s all messed up so that makes it more difficult for me :( Check back soon!