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2-birthday, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

My son just had his 2nd birthday!

Credits- Island Hut Mini, Framerifics 3, Splots, Ribbon Expressions Misc, Glitzy Scribbles all from Victoria Feemser. Font- CK Rugged, PSCS2

Kitty Face

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Kitty Face, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

My daughter with her face painted…

Credits- Crush by Miriam Lima, Font-BlackJack. PSCS2

Good Grief!

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Has it really been this long since I’ve posted anything? I mean anything at all? Is anyone still reading? I know Feb is a short month but man has this month gone fast. There was Valentines day, then my little guy turned 2 this week! Speaking of fast…what happened to my baby? I will have scrapbook pages from his party of course…someday :) My dad had a birthday this week too, so see it’s been busy!

I have a couple scrapbook pages to share but that’s about it in the arts and crafts dept. I am working on a little something that hopefully I’ll have done in the next week or so…hopefully.

In other news…our financial situation has determined that it is time for me to go back to work. I have been searching for a job since the beginning of the year. I haven’t had much luck at all. So depressing for me! I was offered one job but after costs, daycare, parking etc, I would’ve brought home a measley $100/month. I decided that was not enough to uproot our situation for. I would have to pull my daughter out of her much loved pre-school and stick both kids in daycare full time. Which I’m really not entirely against, it’s just that the cost is prohibitive. I would be smart if I opened a daycare haha! Anyway, my DH and I decided that since starting salaries are not more than full time daycare that it would be a better option to work part-time in the evenings. So I have a offer from Home Depot! I’m gonna be a cashier there and hoping to get into the Garden Center in spring since I love gardening so much. I’ve heard they are a great company to work for and the pay is nice too. Plus they are right in my neighborhood! Unfortunately this 3 nights a week and Sunday gig is going to cut into my already limited creative time :( boo. So bear with me if I’m absent a bit, I’ll still be around.

Well enough babling… here are some pages for you to check out…credit here

I’m on a roll!!!

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grandma, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

Here’s a LO I did for my stepmom’s birthday next month. I bought all the grandma’s bags that hold scrapbook pages on display. So I thought it would be nice of me to refill them for their birthday’s and grandparents day. Give them a little change from time to time :)

Credits: Feltie Three Pack by Jennifer Trippetti, All My Heart by Jan Hosford both at Scrapdish, Atomic Cupcake curled action
Programs Used: pscs2
Fonts: French Script MT

Pink and Green

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I guess I’ve been in a pink and green mood lately! First off I made this birthday card for my niece, using Bonnies two newest digital kits.

I’ve been working on making this banner/bunting all January. I was starting to worry if I’d get it done by Valentines day! I just kept getting stuck, I had a vision but no mojo, just worked on it off and on and then finally this weekend I put it all together. I really like it hanging on my mantle! I used some vintage flocked wallpaper from Sandy.

Just a page tonight

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I got another CT page done! This is some shots of my family at our town’s new indoor playground. My kids had a blast!
CreditsLittle Traveler by Candace Duffy Jones, Flip out Frames by Correen Silke, Feltie Stars by Jennifer Trippetti, memo paper (Angela Sharrow) from Feb designer collab kit, all from Scrapdish. Flowers N Film Groupie by Kim at DSP. Painted Newspaper alpha by Manda J designs. Atomic Cupcake simple paper tear. Font Kristin ITC. PSCS2