Happy Holidays!

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Just a quick note to let you know I will be off line for a few days as we celebrate Christmas. Thought you might like to see a copy of our Christmas card. I used this set by Traci Simms, such a bargain when she did all the work for me!

Happy Holidays!

December 21st, 2007 | Posted by RubyMoonArt in Uncategorized - (Comments Off on Happy Holidays!)
Just a quick note to let you know I will be off line for a few days as we celebrate Christmas. Thought you might like to see a copy of our Christmas card.

I know it’s been said before but these blogging ladies are THE most generous gals! Christmas spirit I guess, but look at what all I have to update you on, such generosity!

First of all I received my cracker swap package from Amanda. Look at these beauties, what could be inside…

yummy goodies! Great little embellishments, snowflakes, flowers, button doo dads and one of her button bracelet specialties yay!
ooops theres more! Tea and a hand stitched note pad! And she knew to get me decaf :)

Here’s a picture of the insides of cracker number 2, yes two! Didn’t I say how generous she was!
More handmade goodies! The necklace & earrings are perfect for me, love pink and moons! (Matches one of my tattoos).
More tea, a vial of beads, mini mickey shirt (my daughter will want it for barbie) and another handstitched book. AWESOME!

Next generosity… I won a blog contest! It was super easy, all I did was leave a comment, love it. Look what I won from Sandy!

(I borrowed the picture from her blog) She’s generously sending me a piece of her work just for leaving comments on her giveaway! What a gal. I can’t wait to get this and my living room happens to be green! SCORE! Thank you Sandy!

And! Yes And! My good bloggin friend Carolyn created and honored me with this award!

What can I say, it’s been a great week! I love having all these generous “virtual” friends! I wish we could all hang out in person :)

I’m participating in Karla’s What do you love about your holiday home party! Stop by her blog and take a tour! I’m going to start you off with the pictures then get to the what do I love part.This is either side of my front door, welcome come on in!
I got one of Walmart’s cheapo glittered poinsettias, love it

I have this little vinette in my dining room, my kids love the snowglobe.
My humble, small, toddler and dog proof tree. Professionally decorated by my 3 year old.
I made this sign for my Etsy shop but then decided to keep it!
My mantle decked out
This guy was on the floor by the fireplace, big mistake! His little bird was eaten by my puppy.

I made this shadow box of the ornaments from my childhood, these were given to me as gifts throughout the years and some where getting a bit to fragile for the tree. I decided to protect them in this frame. I see an angel took a nose dive…better get out the glue gun :)

So now you see almost all of my holiday decor. I didn’t get a picture of the outside lights because we had an ice storm, a strand of lights are out and it’s too cold to fix it. But this is the short and sweet of my decorating. I LOVE short and sweet in my home…

Here are my reasons that I am not Martha…

My toddlers and dogs do not appreciate the nice things in life as much as I do, not matter how hard I try to teach them! My tree is on a card table to keep little ones out of it. Since I’ve taken the pictures, the previously mentioned dog has pulled the tree skirt off 3 times and chewed up the snowmen! They are now in the trash. I’m also lazy, I love to look at other peoples home all decorated but I just don’t like to clean around all the stuff, I admire it but don’t want to live with it. My house is small, this is the only storage room I have, a 6×6 ft closet stuffed floor to ceiling! I have 2 of those tree sized totes dedicated to Christmas stuff, in the back on the bottom of the pile (I’m lazy and it’s alot of work to unpile). So this is all I do, I like to keep it simple and stress free! Now I’m off to go look at more facinating places :) Thanks for stopping by!

This could turn out to be a long one lol! First of all my kids took turns being sick this week, compounded with snowy weather, we didn’t accomplish much at all! The mail lady was able to get through the whopping 4 inches of powder that accumulated and delivered a couple swap packages to me!

First package comes from my good pal Bonnie she had put out a request for admit one tickets for her lovely artwork. I stumbled upon a big roll of cute pink ones, and swapped some of those for her fabulous work! Check out this goodie bag she sent me! I definitely came out ahead on this one, boy do I owe her lol!

pretty wallpaper border, handmade tags packaged up too pretty to use, her fabulous ATC’s

more ATC’s and some pretty fabric

Another cute package of tags, again I don’t want to open lol!

Post card of beautiful South Africa and the best for last! A gorgeous collage “Bonnie style” I’m such a huge fan of her work! She has a signature style that I love! She is one of the best ATC makers :) Thank you so much Bonnie, any more supplies you need, just holler!

Then I received part one of my cracker swap with Carolyn. I can’t even believe there is a part 2 coming! This was so nice itself! First off she double wrapped it in Christmas paper to send it, so sweet! Then it was all in this great decorative box! And just check out all the goodies in here. She made her cracker out of fabric! That’s and idea I didn’t think of! It’s reusable! duh, why don’t I think of these things?

Notice the beautiful white glitter bird, that’s “so Carolyn” lol :)

She knows I adore dragonflies!! So awesome!

Close up of a few of the treasures! Thank you Carolyn!

And next happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Actually not until the 14th but my wonderful hubby surprised me with an early gift. He actually went out on black Friday and bought a new computer! He told me he was going to breakfast with his dad, he went to Office Max and got one of their door busters! What a guy! He lucked out though, said there wasn’t even a line. He went to the downtown location and apparently everyone forgot about that store hehe. I’m sure the other location, at a mall, was swamped! Good thinking honey even if it was the closer location! So I am blogging for the first time on my new puter with the fabulous wide screen! I’ve spent the weekend loading software and hardware. And found myself upgrading ugh! That whole Vista thing!

Carolyn tagged me awhile ago and with the sick kiddo’s I haven’t had time to play along… so here I go.

Post the rules before you give your facts then ..

1 . The players must use the letters from their middle name , as facts that are relevant in your life . If you do not have a middle name , you can make one up . Or one which you would have liked .

2. When you are tagged you need to do a blogpost , containing your own middle name and the game facts .

3. At the end of your blogpost , you need to tag a person for every letter of your middle name .As well as leaving them a comment , to let them know you have tagged them

L ok couldn’t think of anything for L so I found this.. The meaning of the name Lynn is From The Lake . The origin of the name Lynn is Celtic/Gaelic.

Y Younique, never been one to settle or accept conventional thinking or ideas, just ask my mom :) There isn’t black or white in my life but many, many shades of gray.

N– Nomad, gypsy, traveler, adventurer. Always thinking there is somewhere else out there that would suit me better. I desire and dream about traveling the world, I want to live in Alaska of all places! I love blogland because I get to travel to exotic destinations with the click of the mouse and keyboard. Places like this , this and this!

N- Nature–Borrowing this one from Carolyn… I’m often referred to a tree hugging tattooed hippie. I adore the outdoors! I love animals! I’m obsessed with flowers! I called the animal rescue for a nest of baby bunnies my dogs tried to play with, even after my family and friends said, bunnies in this town are disposable!

Ok, there you go, I tag

Bonnie and the rest of her CT members-with blogs :) Laura and Jen

and Sandy of whose painting talent I envy :)

And finally The ArstyMama has reached her 500th post wow! In celebration she has shared her alter ego with us and is asking everyone to share our…

Alter ego n. 1. Another side of oneself; a second self.2. An intimate friend or a constant companion.

Well let’s see, mine is of course named RubyMoon, she is my muse, the hidden, shy artist inside who begs to come out. She has many ideas that never get completed, bouncing from idea to idea trapped in the tangled mind of Amy. Execution is her weakness. Her name came from a packet of flower seeds that Amy fell in love with, both the name and the dark, rusty red sunflowers they grew into. She works in the garden, she crafts, and is a “life artist” scrapbooking every moment of life. Photography is an obsession, taking and admiring pictures. She doesn’t cook at all.

There’s a tiny peak into my alter ego. And since this IS by far the longest post I have ever done, I must sign off and go back to reality :)

Wait, I forgot to post pictures of my cutey batooties! Here is my son, his first real time in the snow where he is old enough to play in it. He just tasted it, is this not precious! You will see it on a scrappage soon!

My daughter making cookies with daddy!

Catching up

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Looks like I have some catching up to do! Let’s see, what have I been up to this past week and a half…
Thanksgiving weekend was full of family obligations, then I worked on some custom photo bracelets this week, I finished scrapping some pages and put photo books together for the grands, worked on my cracker swap (sneek peeks coming).
We had an ice storm come through yesterday morning and snow today! I guess it’s really winter huh! This is what the pergola over our patio looked like in the morning.

Since yesterday was a stay inside day, my husband made the best chili and also brewed some beer, while I put the shutterfly books together. I can’t wait to get them! I’ve been making them for 3 years now for the grands and each year I have to outdo myself! Next year will be tough! I can’t even show pictures of them because my mom lurks around here from time to time, so you’ll have to wait til after xmas too!
Now for that sneak peek of the cracker swap! I made one in traditional Christmas colors and one in pink/green. I’m not telling who is getting which one… I have 2 swap partners, I’m also swapping with Carolyn the hostess. Here you go ladies…

These puppies are stuffed to the brim. I put a bit of old, a bit of new, some bits from my stash and some bits from the store in here. I hope they like it! It was actually pretty fun to hunt for tiny treasures to fit inside. Although, I hope they have big trees to hang these on because I used a paper towel tube instead of bathroom tissue tubes lol!
Carolyn also tagged me but I have a sobbing toddler that wants held so I have to go hold him. I’ll get back to you on the tag and sorry there are no links either…