My latest swap partner!

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I just found out my latest swap partner is Amanda for the cracker swap that Carolyn is hosting. Looks like I’ve lucked out! I haven’t gotten to spend too much time snooping on her blog but check her out! It looks like a good one! So now I get to start the hunting and gathering process. That has to be the most fun.

I’ve spent the day updating my Etsy shop whew! I think I now have everything left from my craft shows listed. I may find some spares here and there because I didn’t do it very systematically lol! I also finished the custom order I had. You can see it here, she hasn’t purchased it yet so you can peek lol! I like how it turned out and want one for myself :) And for those of you who liked my Halloween bracelet, I’ve made a Christmas one too! You can see that in the sidebar.

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Tons of family time but not too much. We had family pictures taken with my dad’s side of the family so I have tons of new scrapping material! Yay! I avoided Black Friday like the plague. I actually started cyber Monday on Saturday hehe. I bought a few new digi scrap kits to play with, wowzer did they ever have sales! I also scrapped a ton of new digi pages but I was going fast so I didn’t write down all the credits to post them. It’s such a pain, I change my mind so many time while doing a LO, who knows what I have on the page in the end. I certainly don’t claim to have created all the elements but I understand and respect the fact that the designer should be credited…sigh. So they shall stay on my HD until printed.
Well I think that about covers it for my exciting life!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!, originally uploaded by amypytlik.

Another page done! This one was also with Bonnie’s Parchment paradise kit.

The weather, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the weather in the midwest… It was 78 on Monday and 30 with snow today (Wednesday). Utter craziness! I should scrap a page about that!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Scrapping time!

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I’m finally finding some time to scrap! Here’s my latest, made it with Bonnie’s Parchment Paradise!

More good news!

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I’ve got a new creative team to scrap for! I’m so excited to be on the Scrapdish team! This is special to me because it’s one of the first sites I found when I started scrapping. I know, I know, I just took some time off of one team because I was too busy…now I have the tough decision to go back to TSG or not. They feel like family, so I hate to leave but maybe it’s just time for a change? I don’t know, so much thinking to do! Anyway, I’m very excited for my new assignments!

I’m participating in a swap! I told myself I wasn’t going to do any Christmas swaps because I have enough Christmas crap already and I have stuff leftover from my booths. But Carolyn is hosting a really good idea! A paper cracker swap, so the inside can be filled with non Christmas stuff too!

In other news, my last craft show went really well, the best yet! Although, I think it will be my last one. I don’t think it’s profitable enough to “waste” my weekends sitting there. I was really hoping the public was ready for something besides primitives and baby blankets but I guess not. My booth was right next to a family selling the biggest soft pretzels you’ve ever seen! I had 2 of them and came home with a six pack! Not good for my waist! I bought a really cool ring and a pendant for me and a stocking cap for a gift. Of course my shows would be more profitable if I didn’t spend every penny I made before I left! LOL! I can’t help myself!
More later!

This is a big thing for me, I popped into my shop tonight and noticed 196 hits on my autumn banner. I thought “what the…” that must be messed up. Then someone convo’d me for a special request and I figured out I was one of the handpicked items on the homepage. And I made it to the home page before it went away. Those things only stay on there for so long ya know. Here’s my picture, just had to boast a bit :)

Time to post some of my work

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Unfortunately I’ve packed most my stuff for the show this weekend. However, I did take some pics of a few things I’m adding to Etsy so take a look at my store (link in the side bar). I’ve been in a very tag making mood lately, never really made tags before. Here are a couple Christmas tags I made. I’m looking for a tag swap?? Anyone hosting one?

Ok, I best get back to work!

Hmmm let’s see…

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I’ve been frantically getting ready for another craft show this weekend. I have a ton of stuff ready now! I really need to get it in my etsy shop too or I’m going to be on xmas decor overload this year! Did a little shopping today too! I bought this for my 3 year old daughter. She is a big mermaid fan, I’m tired of picking up toys so I’m buying her art for xmas. Aren’t I such a grinch! I’ve been surfing for something for my son too but he’s still too young for opinions and that makes it difficult for me. I’ve started each of them an ATC/ACEO collection, dragonflies for my daughter and dogs for my son. Just don’t see any dog ACEO’s out there right now that are boyish and that really caught my eye. I like this one on ebay ok, I think the xmas theme will go well if I use it as a stocking stuffer. Now don’t try and outbid me lol! I bought myself some vintage wallpaper on Etsy from this seller. That was my splurge for the month.
Can’t think of anything else right now… Oh, I do want to plug this site too. I bought two of their wickless candles at the craft show last week and I totally love them! I like the wickless because of my curious toddlers and fire, not a good mix. I got Cranberry and Mulberry and they both smell totally awesome!
This post sounds like a big commercial break so I’ll sign off! Thanks for reading :)

Hanging on!

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I’m still here! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I blogged last! Let’s see, what have I been doing…?
The biggest thing is getting settled into a new schedule. My daughter started pre-school, we joined the YMCA, they had a last minute opening for her. So she started pre-school on Tues and Thurs mornings. I’ve decided this is a great time for me to get my butt into shape and lose that 20+ months and counting of baby weight I’ve been hanging on to! So I’m taking an hour and a half yoga class those mornings. Well, I intended to. My not so much a baby boy is not taking too well to the child watch center at the Y. He’s a big mama’s boy! In fact I’m determined to make him a shirt that says “I’m no mama’s boy, but boy do I love my mama!” He’s hysterical when I leave him and they call me out of yoga after 15 minutes, they don’t want a child to be stressed longer than that. So back to the nursery I go, calm him down and then try to leave again. It’s been 3 weeks of this and finally he had one day where I got to my entire class! So this new adventure takes up half a day for us twice a week. I still have to do my Avon business work, my hubby’s business books, take care of the kids and find time to do creative stuff.
I had my 2nd craft show! That took alot of my time too. It went MUCH better than the first. It had unbelievable traffic! This church had over 70 vendors, not all handmade stuff, they also had pampered chef, tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay type vendors too. It was great, much better sales too! I have my next sale on the 16th and possibly one on Dec 1st. I’m really finding something out about my personality with these. I don’t like to mass produce! I get really tired of making the same items over and over. I’m a OOAK kind of gal I guess! I feel really bored with my products and want new ideas, but I have to remember that the shoppers won’t know that I’ve made so many of each item and they won’t have stared at them as long as I have. I’m still not convince the shows are my thing yet. BTW I am adding more stuff to Etsy everyday too!

Friday night I got to go to the Silver Bella vendor night! That was a lot of fun. My friend Debbie was supposed to go with me, however her son is terminally ill and he had a spell that landed them in the ER that night. So I went alone, wasn’t going to miss it! It would’ve been better with Debbie to oh and ahh with me but she had much more important issues to deal with. I just hope everything turned out ok with them! It was so nice to meet the real people behind all the blogs I read! I bought a few things, not nearly as much as I would’ve liked but darn that old budget anyway! I bought some metal charms from I got some German foil scraps and the cutest wand for my daughter from Speckled-Egg. I bought a package of birthday cards from An altered photo frame from HodgePodge by Amanda. And a great button bouquet from Princess Lasertron. Oh yeah and a kit from Sis Boom, it was the kit for the items in her class, can’t wait to play with that! I think that’s it? Sorry I don’t have pictures, most stuff is already scattered about my house and I’m working on my photography class assignment and my camera is set up for that now.
Before I go I have one scrap page to post! I did this for the Quirkshop over at Scrapbook Graphics. I used Planes, trains and automobiles by Bonnie van Esch and blended it with Altered Cardboard paper from the late Carla Gibson. I love the eerie feeling of it!