Rayna’s doing good

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My daughter was such a brave little girl getting stitches, Keith said she had just a whimper while being stitched up. She ended up with 5 stitches and apparently no glass in the wound. We gave her some Tylenol when we put her to bed thinking that it might start throbbing after the anesthetic wears off. She hasn’t once complained of pain. She wants to see them in the mirror from time to time and loves showing everyone her ouwee head.
So in other news. I spent Saturday at a craft fair, my first time as a vendor. It really didn’t go that well. I was sadly disappointed with the lack of sales. However, I met some great people! The lady next to me was more seasoned but not an oldtimer. She thought the traffic was terrible, not a big enough crowd. Although her sales were better than mine, she said she won’t be coming back to this sale again. Next week we are both going to be at a larger venue, I can’t wait to see what she’s done new this week! Since it was terribly slow we had plenty of time to chat amongst ourselves. The fellow on my other side was an 80 year old farmer who just wrote a book (wait let me go google… found it!) The Way it Was when I asked him what it was about he replied “oh, old times is all” He was quite a guy. We joked about whether we’d made enough money to afford lunch :) He’s been traveling to venues promoting & signing the book, he also agreed not to get to down on myself that this was a lousy crowd. I won’t see him again for 2 weeks, then we have a 3 day show that all three of us new friends will be at together. So I’ve got some new stuff in the works for next Saturday, I’ll give it another go. On the positive side, I did hand out a lot of business cards for my custom photo bracelets!

Before I sign off I’ll post a picture of my booth and my one purchase of the day…

Isn’t this the cutest little button bouquet! What a brilliant idea. I adore it. And it was only $5! Pardon the shadows from the flash but I took the pic just 5 minutes ago and it’s dark outside.

OOOPS she did it again…

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There was no nap today and I’ve been screaming at Rayna all evening to settle down. She’s had several time outs and nothing worked but this….

So now she wins and gets to stay up past her bedtime and have a special trip with daddy to LinCare. We don’t think she needs stitches but we’re afraid there is glass in it. She also lost a chunk of her bangs. We will be uninsurable next year I’m pretty sure. If it ain’t the dogs it’s the kids! Geez…


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Just a quick entry to let you know my pal Bonnie is having a sale at Snap & Scrap!! Run and grab her kits at a discount!!!!


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I know I’ve been MIA again! I have really good intentions on blogging but the time just gets away from me. In fact I’ve sadly begged off one of my CT’s for a few months. I’m on sabbatical for at least the rest of the year at the Scrapping Garden. I’m so sad about it. I love the team there! It’s really like a family, however, I’m not able to handle the load right now and it’s not fair to them if I don’t pull my weight. It’s not goodbye forever that’s for sure.
Don’t worry Bonnie, I’m still with you! In fact here is another LO’s I’ve done with Bonnie’s new kit A Moment in Time available at Snap & Scrap.net.
I also used Instant sparkle overlays by Gypsy Chick Jodie Patterson, everything else is from Bonnie. This LO is also my assignment for the QuirkShop at SBG. I’m having so much fun with this session of challenges! I’m also taking the DSLR for newbies workshop there. I’ve taken a ton of photography classes in my lifetime but I keep forgetting what it all means when it comes time to compose a picture. I’d love to take my camera off auto and actually use all the features I paid for lol! Here is my latest assignmen for that class.
Just some of the reasons I’ve been MIA. BTW- I bought a new glue gun today with my moonlight madness 50% off coupon from Joanns. I’ll let you know how I like it. Off to bed now!

Talk to me about glue guns…

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After reading my own post…I’ve decided to try out my luck at some craft shows. I probably should’ve made this decision in June instead of Oct! The first one I’ve signed up for is Oct 27, I get to do some Halloween stuff! Then Nov 3rd and then Nov 9-11. Hopefully more to come! So I have been busy, busy, busy! I’ve made fingertip towel bibs the last couple Christmas’ and sold them on ebay so I have a bunch of those ready to go and a few more to make. I’m going to do my personalized bracelets and then some altered stuff. I want to have a lot of variety to see what sells and what doesn’t before I really narrow it down and commit to something.
Other exciting news… I’m going to Silver Bella! I can’t remember if I posted this before but back in June I figured out that it was being held less than an hour from where I live, here I thought it was somewhere exotic like Portland or something. Stupid me! Anyway, when I made my trip to the website it had JUST sold out. I was so bummed! Fast fwd… I just read on the blog that it is going to be open to the public on Friday night for vendor night. That’s the best night right? So I bought myself 2 tickets and now I have to find a friend to drag along with me! I’m so excited to shop!!! I can’t wait to meet everyone too!
So this interfere’s with the first night of my bigger craft show, however, my mom has volunteered to work my booth for me that night so I can still go, whew!
My daughter and I did some crafts last week. She’s 3 and I’ve been waiting for her to be old enough to do these things with me. I bought a Halloween kids craft kit from Oriental Trading Co. It comes with supplies for 12 banners, for a daycare or classroom project. We made about 6 of them and are pawning them off on all the grandmas and everyone else who stops by lol! Here’s a little peek. It was a good learning tool for her. They have a picture of what it’s supposed to look like and then all the pieces are cut and ready to be glued, so I handed her a piece so she could find where that shape went on the banner. I think we used a whole 4 oz bottle of glue! And I had to get out the glue gun because some of the felt was just too heavy for elmers!
I want to get a Thanksgiving kit next month too. It was a lot of fun for an hour or so!
Now to my glue gun drama. I hate both glue guns I have and threw one out in frustration this weekend. I have a cool melt mini gun that I bought at least 20 years ago for $1.99. It’s a nice vintage mauve (they had wedgewood blue and peach too lol!) The cool melt just doesn’t cut it. Then 12 years ago in college, I bought a “nice” gun with dual temps. This puppy just eats up glue sticks right and left. It oozes out non stop and if I let it sit for 5 minutes I have a nice Hersey’s kiss blob of glue on whatever surface I set the gun down on. Just a waste. So I’m in the market for a much needed new glue gun. What do I buy? Tell me what you use and like! My cheapie is working just fine except for the temp. Do I just get cheapies? Or spend $30 and get a really nice one? Or split the diff and get a middle of the row gun. Such a big decision I know! Help me out!

Checking in…

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Thought it was about time to check in with everyone. I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, lots of internal conflict going on. I’ll save that boring stuff for another post. Here’s what I’ve been up to as of late. I made another bracelet for my dear friend Debbie. She has a 9 month old terminally ill son. She has to keep going to work because she holds the insurance. I thought she needed to take Dane to work with her everyday so I made her this bracelet. Also made the card/envelope and sent a gift certificate for comfort food!

I also did some paper scrapping! Believe it or not! I cleaned out all the photo frames around the house and took the old pictures out from behind the current ones. I decided they needed to be scrapped. I also made a big change and went from 12×12 to 8×8 scrapping. Definitely more doable! Less space to cover, I may continue to paper scrap as an 8×8 scrapper now. The only problem I have is what to do with my 8×10 photos… Cut some off and stick in the album anyway? We’ll see.
We took the kids to a local pumpkin patch here. 127 photos! Here’s just a few. Can’t wait to scrap these (digitally of course).

Still in the mood to create Halloween stuff but it’s getting too late to sell it and what would I do with it? I’m all decorated! I’m not in the mood to start thinking about Christmas yet. I have a real problem with the commercialization of Christmas and how we celebrate it for 3 months! By the time mid December rolls around I’m so sick of looking at Christmas stuff in the stores. My family calls me scrooge. Sigh, what’s a girl to do. I think it comes from all the years I worked in retail. I love the harvest colors of Thanksgiving, maybe I should concentrate on that.
I haven’t been treasure hunting lately because the garage sales are about done since it’s finally cooling off. I’m ready for the craft show season, I’d love to see new and exciting things this year instead of the same ol’ same ol’. I really need to get on the circuit myself! I guess I’m afraid of failure and just don’t do it.

Last but not least… here’s a digital pages I’ve done.

whining ugh!

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I’m in such a “what am I going to do with my life slump” right now. This is probably going to be a depressing and long post but I need to get it off my chest so I can move on. This SAHM thing was a gift from my previous employer, who was “done” with me after 9 years of service. I was 5 months prego with my 2nd child at the time, I was working part time and they did away with part time employees. They said I could stay on full time but I possibly would have to commute to Omaha (1 hour drive each way). Not practical with a newborn! How could I be away from my newborn for 11 hours a day? I wouldn’t even know him! So I decided it was a sign that I should stay home with my children, not something I ever strove for, it just happened. Now, 2 years later, I realize I’m not cut out for this. I’m a horrible SAHM. Honestly, I am. I don’t play with them and interact with them as much as I should. I take them to the parks, zoo, museums etc. but I don’t just sit down and read and play all day. Our TV is on way too much, I spend too much time on the computer or working on other projects. I need to be teaching them things! I feel they are missing out on so much by not being in a daycare/preschool. They don’t have friends (playgroups are scarce), they don’t get time away from me and with someone who concentrates on only them. I’ve looked into part time care, and it’s too expensive for our budget. We don’t have things like the “mommy’s day off” programs here. I think I need to start one! I’ve tried applying for some jobs and have been rejected and that depresses me. I have to make at least $12/hour to pay for daycare and that’s not bringing home any extra money. I feel unemployable now. I love doing artistic things but I haven’t had the determination to make a living at it. It really feels like my calling but I haven’t got it all together yet. My biggest obstacle is that I can’t get much done with my kids around and I can’t afford to get rid of them while I do work.
I’ve also discovered something about my creative process in the last month or so. Apparently I can only create for a reason! I have great ideas all the time but I don’t have the purpose to act on them unless there is a reason. Like a swap for instance, I was so excited and motivated to do the Sweet & Sinister swap. Ideas just kept popping into my head and I had no problem getting them out into physical objects. Or commissions, I’m really excited to have an order for one of my grandma bracelets. I loved making them for the gifts and it’s no problem to make one for the custom order I have. But if my things aren’t selling on Etsy or Ebay then I’m discouraged and unmotivated. I really need the reason to make stuff, not just because I enjoy it. I mean what am I going to do with all this stuff if I don’t sell it. I have a tiny house with 2 toddlers and 3 big dogs that get into stuff. I can’t just display it or have it lying around.
I’ve been struggling with this “what am I going to be when I grow up” thing for about 20 years now. I keep floating through life with no real sense of purpose and figure that when I hit rock bottom “it” will come to me. Well I feel like I’m there, and there’s no sign. I want my kids to have more than what I can give them at home, that’s the most important thing to me. And that costs money, so I have to figure out to support them.

Photo heavy updates!

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Well I’m so glad I still have readers! Thank you for visiting me! I’ve been busy landscaping as I mentioned below. This slide show shows before and after and a couple pretties from my garden. I can’t believe we got it done so fast, whew!

Today I got my package from the Sweet and Sinister swap!!! I was so excited! I went outside on my deck to open it, tried to play with the lighting and make some sinister photos lol! Everything Maria sent is awesome! I’m going to decorate for Halloween tomorrow afternoon! My 3 y/o daughter helped me unwrap everything, afterall, she loves presents! She dug right into the eyeball chocolates! Anyway, on to the pictures…

Glitter and sparkles, black and white, sweet and sinister… she did awesome! Thank you Maria!