Boring blogger award!

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I’m taking this opportunity to present myself with the official boring blogger award! Do I even have anyone still reading this? If so you should award yourself the faithful reader award and brag about it in my comments section! I’m so sorry my life had turned mundane these days…I have nothing to blog about. I’ve done some scrapping, not much else creatively. We are working on a HUGE landscape project in the backyard. I will post pictures as we get further along. I spent Sunday digging up and hauling away sod so we can make a new flower bed. It’s about 100 feet by 5 feet along our fence line! Quite the task! So far I’ve only bought a Honeysuckle to plan there. I think I’ll wait until spring for the rest. We are also digging up a bed on the north side of my house, I’d guess it’s about 30 feet by 5 feet. I have 5 hosta plants that are outgrowing their space and I plan on dividing them and planting them on the north side of the house. Progress stopped today as we had over an inch of rain last night, now we have MUD! And I have 3 dogs to keep out of the mud! ugh!

Hmmm, nothing else… I’m done with the Sweet and Sinister swap pieces. Just need to package them up. I think I’ve posted all those pictures though.

I’ll leave you with these scrapbook pages I did just for fun. I used Jill Dzines kit My favorite boy I’m not on her CT or anything, (although that would be cool ;D) I’m just a big fan!

Geez I guess I didn’t even post these in any galleries to send you for the full credits! I best get on that!

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I worked on bracelets this weekend and have 3 Halloween bracelets listed in my Etsy store! I’m working on getting some customizable “grandma” bracelets listed too!

Another bracelet!

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I made this Halloween bracelet for Maria my Sweet & Sinister swap partner. I think I need one too!

Feeling Digital…

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I’ve done quite a few digital layouts lately, about time I post them! These are all for my CT duties for Bonnie. They were made with her new kit called Trains, Planes and Automobiles available in the store at Snap and

Kit Preview

Additional credits in my gallery.

Dogone Blogger!

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Why does blogger keep dumping my pictures??? I’ll upload them again, and host them somewhere else!

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I can finally post about the projects I’ve been working on! The grands have their gifts in hand and I can share what I made without ruining the surprise. For the grandmothers I made these bracelets. I couldn’t get a really good picture of them, but they are pictures of all the grandkids mixed in with some beads. I am going to sell these in my etsy shop soon! I think the best way to offer them will be to pre make the beaded part and then offer to customize it with pictures. Otherwise, the choosing of the beads…oh dear me… too many choices to offer! More on that when I get some made up!

For the papa’s… I photoshopped these images and had them printed by CafePress on a ceramic tile made into a coaster. It’s so hard to think of something masculine but usable! I think they will like these, and USE them!

Speaking of Cafepress… I was really intrigued about their shop offerings. Does anyone have any experience with a shop there? Get any sales? I take TONS of floral pictures and I’m thinking of opening a shop there to sell my pics. I’d love to hear some feedback…

Here is part of what I made for Maria! I loved the ribbons that Kari showed awhile back. I decided a Halloween themed one would be nice. I made this one for the Sweet and Sinister swap but I think I’ll have to make another for my front door!

Spring Fling here!

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Mornings get pretty hectic around here, especially now that I have 3 babies to feed! So I’m posting my Spring Party for Bonnie now. She’s in South Africa and it’s just turning spring there and she’s ready to celebrate (although, I don’t think her winters are quite as bad as my midwestern US winter! lol!) Anyway, we all enjoy the time when it warms up and the plants spring up out of the cool ground. So I’m here to help her celebrate.

First, this is a picture of some vintage yard art I bought at an estate sale last month. I instantly fell in love with this lady, she’s stunning. My hubby said “so how are you going to paint her?” Silly man! She’s perfect with the aged patina, I’m not touching her! Even though it’s the end of summer here, she looks kinda springy in my garden?

Second, here is a repeat of my spring slide show. I posted this months ago when my yard was so pretty. Now it’s just parched and worn and hoping for a cool down. Oh, how I miss this…

Enjoy the party!

I have some projects I’ve been working on, however, they are for grandparents day gifts (9/9) and my mom has found this blog and reads it. So I can’t ruin her gift and post about it until Monday!

Hey Bonnie, see how I figured out the soft edges on my photos! I had the action all along, silly me! Thanks for the tip!

This is why! Her name is Dallas Louise, she’s a 12 week old boxer puppy that my hubby HAD to have. We already have 2 others! Vegas is a 8 y/o girl and Jersey is a 3.5 y/o boy (I suppose I better post pictures of them too!) I now have 1 more toddler to chase around! She’s lucky she’s cute, she’s into everything. Typical puppy.