Vintage Ephemera for sale on my blog

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Happy Monday! As I mentioned last week, I’ve done a spring cleaning of my studio.  This week I worked on setting up listings for all of my over stocked supplies!  If you notice on my blog here, there is another tab added for the sale of supplies.  I have listed a ton of great vintage ephemera supplies.  These are great items for altered art, collage art, ATC’s, and of course just the ephemera collector as well!  I have also listed these in my Etsy shop where you will also find more great vintage finds.  This is my little virtual garage sale, so take advantage of shopping from your home instead of running around town to estate sales.  I will combine shipping prices if you’d like multiple items, just email (link on the sidebar) me for details.

While I haven’t been blogging, that doesn’t mean I’m not creating!  Life got pretty busy here for awhile, but it seems to be calming, or I’m adjusting.  I recently made a couple canvases with a spring feel to them.  I wanted something with a aqua, brown and orange palette to go in my bedroom.  I had a “gasp” blank spot on my wall! :)  Here are the pieces that evolved.


I’m very happy with how this one turned out!  I’ll soon be offering prints in my Etsy shop, just need to digitize it first.  The colors turned out exactly as I needed.  Sometimes I start with colors in mind and something totally else evolves.  I’m not sure I could ever do commissions for that reason.



This piece still seems to be a work progress.  It feels like it’s missing something but I can’t read where it needs to go from here.  I’ll just let it sit while I look at it and soon it will all fall into place.

Today, I spontaneously decided to clean my studio… and by clean I mean business!  I’m getting rid of a lot of stuff.  I just feel overwhelmed and have for 2 years now.  I finally feel it’s time to let some things go. My style has evolved and my supplies have evolved as well.  I’m limited on space and it’s just time to move on and part with the things I’m done with.  I’ve stopped thinking “but someday I might want to try that again…” and just let it go.  I realize I probably won’t ever want this or that again and it’s just causing clutter.  But I do have some nice supplies that I can’t just toss out!  I’ve decided to list some of them in my Etsy shop as destashing supplies, at garage sale prices!  It would be so much easier if I could just set it all out on my driveway and let all you artsy friends shop away, but with the distances, we’ll have to do it cyber style.

To start off, I’m listing this set of embossing supplies. This was literally used one day and then given up on!  Virtually new stuff here, I’m asking $5 for the set and $4 to ship it, you get first dibs before I list it on Etsy.  To purchase, click the buy it now button below.

Embossing supplies


If I still have any vintage ephemera readers and ATC friends still reading this blog, stay tuned for some great goodies to come!

5 of my favorite Boho finds on Etsy

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Just sharing a list of 5 of my favorite Boho items I found on Etsy (all images are linked).






You can find more inspiration like this by following my board on Pinterest. Have a great week!

Spring Triptych Swap

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It’s time for another swap over at The Thriving Artist Studio group on FB.  This month we are swapping spring inspired triptych art.  Here is my creation for my partner Jackie.




RubyMoonArt on Instagram

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Hello readers! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you I now have an Instagram account specifically for my art.  If you’d like to follow me, my user name is RubyMoonArt.  I’d love to follow you back as well! I just felt it might be easier to have my family and other interest on one account and my art related stuff kept together. That way I don’t bore those not interested in my family and vice versa :)  Instagram is really becoming my favorite social media site.  Much less “drama” than Facebook, less word and more visuals, that’s what I like!  I use Twitter more for my news headlines, but do follow a fair amount of artists. It’s nice to have options for social media.  See you there.


February LOVE ATC swap

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RubyMoonArtATCswapWe’ve finished the February swap over at The Studio- a thriving artist community on Facebook.  I received these lovely ATC’s from Kate.  You can see more of her work on her blog at The Queen of Creativity.  This was a special swap as the ATC theme was self love.  We had to come up with 3 things we love about ourselves, as we know this can be difficult for us.  Kate did a great job and I love the color palette!

Here are the ones I sent her in return

RubyMoon Art ATC- Independent RubyMoonArt ATC- Advocate

Creative ATC by RubyMoon ArtThank you Kate for swapping with me!


More art quilting embroidery

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While I was set up to do some fiber art quilting, I also made a decorative id badge holder for my work id. I took an ordinary, office supply, badge holder and made it me! I layered raw canvas, and two batik prints of fabric and free motion quilted them together.  Then I just hot glued them onto the badge holder.  I thought it would be nice to bring a little of my “other” self into the work place.  Helps remind me that there is life outside of my cubicle.

SewRubyMoonBadgeHolderYou can see where the stitching got a little wonky on me.  I’ve learned my lesson, that small pieces are not easy to do!  Leave it a large piece for the stitching and then trim it down to size :)  It’s always good to learn by doing.


Handmade Gift- Free Motion embroidered towels

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Today I went to a house warming party for my friend Nichole.  Her family experienced a house fire several months ago and has been living in a hotel.  This week was moving back week!  She had a nice get together so we could help her replace a few of the many, many things they lost.  I of course made my gifts.  She had requested a new plastic bag holder (which I forgot to photograph), I also gave her a couple fiber art kitchen towels.  I made this nice spring inspired towel using art quilting and free motion embroidery techniques.  Just some simple posy flowers.  I also gifted one of the Christmas towels I had made.





We had a nice get together and she acquired some nice new things for her home!  I’m so glad life can get back to normal for her family!

Let’s get real… before and after

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I had to take a little break from creating and clean my studio.  I was suffering from the “ever shrinking workspace syndrome”.  You may be familiar with it… when the 4×6 foot table has only 10 square inches of work area left.  I’ll go out of my comfort zone here and share the before and after pictures, just to keep it real.  (my apologies for the blurry phone photos)



Ahhhh! That’s better.  I got right to work and made a nice new mess on the table.  More details on that to come…

ATC Swap week 3 -Independent

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Week 3 of the challenge and swap at The Studio-Thriving Artist Community Facebook group.  I chose to share how I am independent and proud of it.  No explanation needed on this one :)

RubyMoon Art ATC- Independent



The entries I made for weeks 1 and week 2 can be found here.  Creative ATC & Advocate ATC.